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nervousnelly 08-30-2012 06:05 PM

how to ride two OPPOSITE horses when i don't have confidence
My daughter and I have been riding for almost 10 years. She has a horse that is super energetic and I have a horse that is SO lazy. My horse has taken off on my on several occasions that have scared me half to death, to the point when I ride with my daughter it is not fun anymore. I have to work up the courage to ride either of them and when i feel like i can to it my horse spooks, shattering my confidence. My horse has had several vet checks, tranquilizes, but everything just comes down to me. All the trainers seem to have no problem or anxiety when they ride him, and he always seems well behaved when i am not riding. I also am wired about my daughters horse because she is going to college soon, which means i have to get used to riding him. Her horse is the TOTAL opposite of mine. Such as, he will not spook and goes VERY fast (makes me nervous because my horse is SO lazy). How am i supposed to handle riding two horses when i am so nervous about one of them spooking or going so fast to the point that i can't slow him down sometimes? Please help me make riding fun again!

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