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cirrutopia 09-01-2012 09:57 AM

Good treats for Arabian with Cushings?
One of the trainers at my barn says she mashes up apples and carrots on occasion for the old mare, but I'd read a number of places that sweets, like apples, should be avoided when a horse has Cushings? (Read other places that some horses tolerate these fine and it's very individual.) I don't know a lot about all this, and was wondering if anyone could shed some more light on it... and also recommend other desirable treats for an old girl with Cushing's.


walkinthewalk 09-01-2012 12:08 PM

Sugar/fructose tolerance does vary by horse but, even at that, the sweet treat should be minimal.

My truly insulin resistant 17 yo horse can't even smell apples, carrots or alfalfa without his insulin spiking. He founders if you just say the "F" word.

The 25 yo with Equine Metabolic Syndrome gets 1-1/2 pounds of well soaked/mushed up timothy/alfalfa cubes every day. This fella has never had so much as a laminitic event and he was diagnosed five years ago.

When the barometric pressure makes a big swing and/or we are dealing with horrible humidity, I take him off his TC Senior at night and feed him 3/4 pound of rice bran with a big handful of carrots and apples that have been crushed in the blender.

I've done for that a couple weeks at a time and, the purpose is because he now colics at the drop of hat, has hind gut ulcers and most likely lipomas in his digestive tract. I only do that when he comes in for the night, as that seems when he's most vulnerable to colic. For him, the apples and carrots have been a huge help and haven't spiked his insulin.

Unless the horse in question is at home, to where you can keep a continual eye on her for insulin spikes, my idea of a treat is a handful of timothy pellets. That's what my IR horse gets and also my horse with oat/corn/soy allergies:-)

DRichmond 09-02-2012 03:57 AM

Purina makes an excellent feed called Wellsolve L/S which is about the same price as their senior feed, that can substitute as a supplement and/or treat for him.

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