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smurf 09-01-2012 12:35 PM

feeling worried about horse purchase, long-sorry
Hi, I bought my first horse yesterday and having some second thoughts. I havent picked her up yet. What happened is this-

Ive been looking all summer, since may, Ive traveled to places that were 5-6 hrs away, and have had 2 vet checked, who both came up lame. Ive spent alot just 'looking'. There was one horse, who about 6 weeks ago came up for sale. I called and my budget was $1000 short, so I went to work busting my tail for the extra grand.(he said he was very firm on price) When I called two weeks later, the horse was sold- to a guy who was making payments (why didnt i think of that???) I told the seller I had been working super hard to come up with the money.

So, about a week ago, I got offered a sweet little red horse for $300, who is kid broke and very easy to ride. She was very chill and a sweetheart but def NOT my dream horse, very barnyard looking but gentle. I went ahead and bought $900 of grass hay to last till spring. I was about to pick up the phone to say, I'll come get her, when I got this sick feeling inside, and thought, gosh, if only I could have had the other (expensive) horse! At that moment, no joke, the phone rang, and it was the seller , telling me the guys payments fell through and the mare was back up for sale, and asked did I want her, because 3 other people also want her. I made an appointment for the next morning.

I didnt sleep at all that night, I was so excited, thinking about her, and how he called me just as I thought of her after a whole month, So i got up at 5 a.m. & raced 2 hrs away (got there 2 hours early, lol) to go look at the horse, thinking,well, who knows. I might not even like her when I get there. But instead, I loved her, I mean, really, really loved her. I told him I wanted to sleep on it, because thats what I do, with everything....before making decisions. but he told me he wouldnt hold the horse for me without a deposit and that 3 others also REALLy wanted her. I told him I at least wanted to think over lunch so I drove back to town and deliberated for 5 hours before driving back to hand him ALL my money ($2150).... still owing $350 plus $6 a day until the horse was picked up.

Now that I wake up this morning, Im like, WTF have I done?????? No vet check, and I still owe money? I must be insane! Ive had TWO horses come up as unrideable by the vets!!! Plus I could have gotten a nice horse for $300 and had lots left over! Now I have to go straight to work and hope I have enough to go pick her up by next weekend...uggh.

Not sure how to feel about this right now. On one hand, the seller is a horse trainer who has been in business for 45 years, and swore to me the horse was 100% sound. He said he stands behind that because he wants to keep his good reputation and sell me my next horse as well. On top of that, the mare was very well trained, very responsive, and absolutely my favorite horse I've looked at....

so I guess Im just worried about money, and the fact I didnt get her vet checked. and that she's way bigger (15.1) than what I had originally wanted (14 or so), but that can have its advantages I suppose. I did feel very safe on her. Is there anything I can or should do at this point, with her still being at his place?? Could I still back out if I got a vet check and she didnt pass? Or should I just take my chances? She is 8 years old.

Sorry this is so long, all in all, I think I let myself get swept away by a combo of my own frustration at spending the whole summer looking, the fact that I loved the horse, and that the seller was kind of pressuring me to make a decision right then. I feel like he knew what he was doing, all the other people let me sleep on it and made it very easy on my conscience to make a good decision. I feel like I should be so happy right now because I got my first horse, but instead Im just sooo worried, ahhh!

Joe4d 09-01-2012 12:50 PM

let me guess, no bill of sale, no contract, no contingent on vet check agreement?
He does seem to have made a verbal contract of soundness, If you could prove that, (unlikely) I imagine you could back out if you got a vet check. The problem is, that verbal guarantee isnt worth anything if there is a dispute and he's got your money, so I wouldnt count on being able to get it back. Sounds like you fell for the oldest trick in the book, "Ive got three other people..... yadda yadda yadda." yeh whatever, and new horses are being born every day. Car salesmen like using the same tricks.

Sounds like that horse is yours and you owe him 350 plus 6 a day for board.

smurf 09-01-2012 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by Joe4d (Post 1667673)
Sounds like that horse is yours and you owe him 350 plus 6 a day for board.

there was a bill of sale, and thats exactly what it said. As far as verbal contract goes, there was a few witness to him saying the horse was sound, but they were his workers, who were some very nice female trainers. The farrier also randomly showed up while the horse was there and I asked him about the horses hooves, and he said they looked really good, but she does wear shoes. Again, it was the seller's farrier, so I dont know how much loyalty these people have to thier boss if there is any problems with the horse.

as for me, I wouldnt know the first thing about how to tell if a horse is lame, except I did feel that he knew way more about horses than the other people whose horses I had vet checked.

My gut says this- the horse is probably fantastic, but Im just feeling sore that I spent all my cash, and worried about what I dont know.

Chevaux 09-01-2012 02:24 PM

Ah yes - buyer's remorse syndrome. It's quite common even in the best of deals.

You're in it now so you'll need to make the best of it. If he is indeed a decent trainer and is well established in the horse community, you're new mount will likely be OK. At that price she's probably not top show quality but you can still have a respectable mount that will be useable for many years to come. On the other hand if you discover that you got handed the short end of the stick in that deal, you can figure out some other options then (and you'll certainly find no shortage of options from the Horse Forum members if post about that (and I do mean that in the best sense)).

Best of luck with your new horse.

smrobs 09-01-2012 02:39 PM

Do you still have enough money to have her vet checked before you are supposed to pick her up next weekend?

Truthfully, I would just talk to the owner and ask him if he would be willing to refund your money if you had a PPE done and she failed. Just be honest with him. If he's been honest with you, then he should have no problem with it. I know I wouldn't.

WickedNag 09-01-2012 02:43 PM

Hope you love and enjoy your new horse.... I just purchased my dream horse after settling before so many times. Every time I go out to the barn I am so thankful he is mine.

smguidotti 09-01-2012 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by smrobs (Post 1667756)
Do you still have enough money to have her vet checked before you are supposed to pick her up next weekend?

Truthfully, I would just talk to the owner and ask him if he would be willing to refund your money if you had a PPE done and she failed. Just be honest with him. If he's been honest with you, then he should have no problem with it. I know I wouldn't.

She makes a very good point here!

smurf 09-01-2012 03:08 PM

chevaux, thank you, that makes me feel a little better. One year ago to the day (yesterday) I escaped from a horrible situation, and today Im living in the most beautiful place on earth (colorado) surrounded by mountain streams and wonderful people, with all my basic needs met and more. The worst that can happen is I lost some $$ and get stuck with a crap horse, which is totally not the case. She's awesome.

I do honestly believe he has done an excellent job with her, she was so gentle and easy to handle. The trainer was a little stern, a little old fashioned, and a little bit just grumpy old man but when it came to training he made it very clear he did not believe in the traditional 'breaking' of a horse. The reason he wouldnt go down in price is he told me in better days he would have charged $4500 for her. I don't know much about those things or why some horses are super expensive but she was sooo easy to get along with after about 5 minutes of me being on her she dropped her head and did whatever I asked. And also a very smooth ride. I spent roughly two hours with her.

smrobs- I think you are right, and I think if I was honest with him he would be irritated but understanding. Problem is I really did give him ALL the money I have, I'll have to get SUPER busy if I wanna make enough to do the vet check and pay the $350 + $6 per day, but its sounding like the best idea right now...

he did tell me that anything a vet could tell me he could tell me, short of xrays, and that he *knew* the horse was 100% sound. After watching two vets do the stretches to check for lameness, I suppose that after 45 years of dealing with horses he should be able to tell something... if he is honest, that is.

thanks for the replies so far, sorry Im so long winded!

churumbeque 09-01-2012 04:00 PM

You could call his vet with his permission and see the medical history on the horse at no charge.

jaydee 09-01-2012 04:18 PM

You know I've dealt with so many horses that weren't what they were supposed to be - and bought quite a few that I dont trust anyone any more
Did the guy who was paying installments actually take possession of the horse on his own property? I wonder if he actually did default or found something wrong with the horse.
I dont like the way the seller is giving you all that pressure. Sounds wrong to me, I'd have alarm bellls going off by now. Its a buyers market for horses - so many out there. You really should get it vetted. Once you have it you're stuck with it if there is a problem and then what will you do?

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