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Walkamile 09-02-2012 07:58 PM

Revisiting the Scene of the "Crime"!
As some of you may remember reading about my exploits with Walka and the Beaver Pond, thought I'd follow up this our recent ride yesterday. Here's the link to the original post if you want to read:

Walka was doing great leading. We came to the first stream, he hesitated briefly, then stepped down and across the stream. Good boy!

As we kept riding, he was attentive and moving out well. Seemed happy to have other horses with him, and be out on the trail.

Finally we came to the "scene of the crime". He saw the pond (was a stream but those darn beavers have been doing their own form of landscaping). There was a slight hesitation and then business as usual.

I wasn't so foolish (guess I learned something) to ask him to cross, but he did not get nervous upon seeing and smelling it. So, on we went to another trail and had what I consider a successful ride, as no one was injured, de-mounted or more tense at the end then the beginning! :lol:

I'm enjoying working with the big lug and discovering how much trust he has and how "gentlemanly" he is with other horses. He is very tolerant of other horses coming up on him and yet he is very aware of keeping his space.

Hope others are enjoying their horses and the journey! :wink:

Walkamile 09-02-2012 09:14 PM

Oh yes, I forgot to add that after 2+ hrs in the saddle yesterday, my tailbone did not hurt at all! I've packed my "special" pillow away......until the next time! :wink::lol:

QOS 09-02-2012 10:09 PM

good deal!!!! Glad you had a good ride!!!

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