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Iseul 09-04-2012 08:32 AM

Here at Meredith Manor
Well..I showed up sunday and got myself moved in...I just about cried as soon as I pulled into the parking lot; I'm going to miss my boyfriend and friends soo much, but after two days and starting today, I think I'm going to like it a decent amount and not pout about being here everyday.
I'm living in a pretty, little royal blue crate, and WE HAVE INTERNET! o.o We're the first class that's every had internet, and I decided that my computer was going up and not being put off (didn't feel like hooking it up, haha) as soon as I found out we had internet. Now I can stay in touch with everyone and not worry too much about my phone service that I barely get, haha.
Sunday was a bit stressful, as was yesterday. Sunday I brought in about 500 total pounds of belongings, went out to lunch with my mum and little brother, and came back to be told I was being dragged to a bonfire, haha. Normally I'm rather shy, but I talked to quite a few people, and I'm glad they did. Just about everyone that just started with me are really cool, and I love it. I already made a few friends that I think I'll keep for a good while. Yesterday I hopped around from place to place all day long until about 5, and then I was FREE! I went and sat in on meetings all morning about the different classes I could take and what they consisted of, had lunch (the food isn't too bad, surprisingly!), went to another meeting on barn care classes, and then I went to my first day of evaluations.(: Evaluations were actually pretty **** fun. I didn't volunteer to ride in the first group of horses they brought in because I wanted to see what else was there (total of 3 groups, 5 horses each). Well, I ended up going in the second group, I saw a great bay stud that I wanted to ride, but I could've swore 5 people already volunteered so I sat back down..There ended up only being 4 and I got the opportunity to ride a little POA (I think) pony that was 38 years old! Apparently he didn't wanna listen and you can't make him do something, you have to ask for it nicely..But, I only had two little issues when he didn't want to turn, and he was actually a pretty good ride. He didn't like the contact so much, so he'd put his head down when we were on the straight sides to get some more slack in the reins, which was fine; I just gathered them back up when I wanted to collect him up some more or turn him. While I was clearly a little tall for him (since he wasn't stocky like I'm use to, haha), I felt like I was gonna snap him in half when I first got on xD He worked well for me though, and a lot of the other girls complimented me on how well I rode him.(: I think he was made out to be much worse than he really is..but he may have just decided today was going to be easier. I just hope I looked good with everything and the instructors felt the same way the group of girls did about my ride, haha.

Today I get to choose my classes..which I'm a little worried about, I will say. I'm not sure what I wanna take! I know I'm doing the comp. RMIII with a farrier emphasis (farrier every quarter), but I'm not sure what I want to do for my other elective this quarter...I have training, horse health, massage (taking next quarter though), showing, and..something else. I have a meeting in about an hour to participate in a discussion about the classes, so hopefully that will help me decide a little more solidly.

Iseul 09-05-2012 09:08 PM

As a btw for yesterday, the little pony I rode was named Clyde.

Yesterday I went to a few classes explaining stuff and I signed up for my classes. I'm taking Theory 1, Farrier, Showing 1, 2 riding classes (one with all riding, and one with two days a week lunge-line classes, and a Horse Health 1 class. I clean stalls from 4.00-6.30hrs, feed from 6.30-7.30hrs, farrier, horse health, lunch, riding at 13.00-14.00hrs, riding at 15.00-16.00hrs, and then theory/showing on wednesdays. I have to feed/work one weekend this month, and another in novemenber.

Today I went around and signed up for my stalls/feed and got shown around the two barns I'll be in for the next 3 months. It was a relatively easy day today, but tomorrow I'll be up at 3.30hrs to go clean a stall and groom my assigned horse.
I found that for my riding classes I have Juanita for thursday/friday from 13.00-14.00, Allie (big sorrel belgian mare) on monday/tuesday from 13.00-14.00, Miss Kitty (who has NO go) monday/tuesday from 15.00-16.00hrs, and Juanita on monday/tuesday for 13.00-14.00 for a lungeline class.

I'm kind of excited tomorrow..but I'm not looking forward to getting up at 3.30hrs in the morning xD I'll deal though, as long as I get to bed by 23.30hrs every night since I can only sleep 4-6 hours.

xlionesss 09-06-2012 04:59 AM

I'd love to go, but I'm already in school and when I finish will have 20k in loans to pay back...maybe if I hit the lottery I can attend MM also. Its been a dream of mine for a year now despite some of the negatives I hear.
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xlionesss 09-06-2012 04:59 AM

Oh, remember to keep updating! I want to hear about your time there. :)
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Iseul 09-06-2012 04:56 PM

I'll definitely keep posting :p I wanna be able to read back on it xD went decent. I'm riding Waunita for riding and lunge. She doesn't lunge very well, I've found..or maybe she just lunges too well, haha. I really like her though..She's basically a smaller ST with different bloodlines and a little less leg on her (shorter). She's very forward going though, which I absolutely love. She jumps RIGHT into the trot and will go right back down to a walk as soon as I sit a tad deeper. Her back is really sensitive though..I have to be really careful about how I put the saddle on and mount, which I've never had to do with ST.

I ended up getting up two hours later than I wanted to this morning though..So I had to (and did, surprisingly) clean Elvis' (horse I'm assigned to for cleaning) stall, clean his buckets, groom him, and pick out his feet within about an hour. I'm pretty proud that I got it all done within a half hour.(: Elvis is gonna be my buddy on the ground, I have a feeling. He's very curious and is always moving his head around to look at me, haha. He moves right out of my way though and he's extremely easy to work around. He doesn't like picking his feet up so I can pick them though..but I got them all done.

I did find though that all the horses have really deep feet..Our horses' soles are generally almost even with the wall (a little deeper), but these horses have almost an inch of depth! I'll have to ask John (farrier) about why on that..None of them are ouchy on gravel though (like ST).

I have very little time to eat lunch, and no time to eat I'm going to have to make sure I get up early enough to make myself some coffee in the morning, because otherwise I'm probably going to be sick by the time noon hits, and then I only have 45mins to eat, groom/tack my horse (Waunita or Allie) and get down to Randolph..and polos take quite a bit of time at the moment. Not only to they take awhile, Wuanita needs all 4 legs wrapped, not just the front 2 like most of the other horses.

Another thing that completely boggled my mind..Apparently my spur straps are on backwards. According to the instructors/older students the buckles have to be on the outside and the fancy part on the inside of my foot. o.O I've NEVER heard that, and it kind of seems like BS to me..They wouldn't make them fancy if they were suppose to be on the inside and not really visible.

Iseul 10-07-2012 10:42 AM's been awhile, eh?

I've been getting a bit better with my farrier soon as my thumb heals up (cold and numb with a throbbing pain due to using it for leverage on my hoof knife) I'm going to ask for my trim practical (4 feet, 80 minutes and have to pass with a 75+%), then I can start working with shoes.(:

I'm also trying to get a job..along with the occasional training/exercising job(s), I'd like to be able to make ~$300 a month so that I can get a cheap auction (or for sale) horse, train it, and resell it as a sane all-arounder/4H horse.(: It really bums me out not being able to this'll give me my riding time and having fun with a challenge. :p

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