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EliRose 09-04-2012 03:12 PM

Searching New TB in Jockey Club/USEF . . .?
Hi, this is my first post on here so I'm a little nervous, but I also want to find her information! It's not super important to me, but I like being really informed:P

I am going to be doing a year off-farm free lease with a TB mare, who I am going to try her out on Sunday, and have been trying to find her pedigree online with little luck. Her owner says she is registered with the Jockey Club, and so I've been trying to find her. She also had a USEF membership, but it was not renewed last year or this year, and I'm not sure if her records would still be online?

Can anyone who is more savvy with this kind of stuff help? Her owner said that the girl who has been leasing her for the last year has her papers, and that she will be bringing them with her when I go to see the mare.

Here is the information I have on her:
Name: DarkStarr
Breed: TB
Color: Bay
Age: 15
Owner of 11 years: Nina Davidowski
Has been a rather successful jumper, and competed at the Devon Horse and Pony Show in 2009.

I apologize if this made little sense! I got knocked in the head by one of my farm's mini's today and have been spacey:)

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