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cedarane 09-05-2012 09:58 PM

D Day
I've been shopping around for horses and this past Monday, I foolishly got on a OTTB that hadn't been ridden in about a month. The seller (the owner's mom) did not ride the horse nor did she really want to be there. Needless to say, the test ride didn't go well, but I kept my seat even with bunny hops and wasn't really rattled....or so I thought.

After test riding this weekend, I went back to my trainer for my first lesson in over a month (I got an earful from my trainer on that so don't bother), but the lesson was pretty much a disaster. I was on a new horse and I could not get the fear from Monday out of my system. I was squeezing with my legs and hanging in her mouth. It was bad! But I kept my seat. My trainer got me off and rode the horse then got me back on kept the horse in hand and got me calmed down. I was rightly rattled.

I guess I just need to hear how you all deal with these situations, etc.

BarrelracingArabian 09-05-2012 10:06 PM

Breathe and think happy thoughts for one, also singing a song sometimes helps. Of course maybe just need to get on a little beginners horse for a ride or two also.
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MyBoyPuck 09-12-2012 10:35 PM

Put the OTTB part out of your mind. It's a horse who had a little too much rest and has yet to re-establish a work ethic. Any new horse is going to test and push and it is basic common sense to be weary of any surprises they might have for you. Think happy thoughts, sing to yourself so you keep breathing, and most importantly keep it simple!! Only do what you are comfortable doing. It will bring both you and your new horse's confidence level up together. TB's get pissed when they get frustrated by confusing cues, so just keep it basic.

Chevaux 09-12-2012 10:46 PM

Well said MyBoyPuck

Dreamcatcher Arabians 09-12-2012 10:51 PM

Just write this on your brain: When shopping for a new horse, the horse's owner MUST ride first. If they won't........RUN don't walk away. Breathe deep and let the trauma go, visualize a successful ride on whatever school horse and let go of the nerves. You already know what I think of trainers who yell so I won't go back into all that.

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