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HagonNag 09-07-2012 09:57 AM

Thinking about this TWH...
I posted this on the trail riding thread, because that's what I do. BUT... there are lots of people on here who really know their TWH's... So I'm asking for feedback.

I'm looking for a quiet, calm, beginner suitable horse. Not because I can't ride, but because after my wreck, and given my age (65 in Feb.), it only makes sense. I've had all the challenges and excitment I need. Now I want to just ride the trails. Boring would be good. I need safe, but I'm not so stupid as to think any horse is totally safe. I just want to swing the odds in my favor. I've always ridden gaited horses...SSH's and racking horses so it's only natural to look for what I want in a gaited horse.

Dead Broke Flashy Confidence Building Geling!

I've spoken with the owner and I'll be going to try out the horse next week Saturday if he isn't sold by then. Anything I should watch for??? (He's 5 1/2 hours from us, or I wouldn't wait that long!)

bellagris 09-07-2012 10:44 AM

definitely worth looking at, he's a nice looking horse good slope in the hip and I like the way his neck comes out of his shoulders, what is his pedigree or registration? -looks to be gaited, if not show quality for gait (although he could have more in him and it could just be the rider)
The rider is riding him on a loose rein, he looks alert and pretty comfortable all in all, his head looks to be up higher like he is maybe avaiding the bit but sticking his nose out, but the rider also has her hands quite high and that could easily do it too -seems like a nice little package. Looking forward to hearing how you liked him :)

churumbeque 09-07-2012 10:56 AM

did they send you any video's? That would tell more than still shots

HagonNag 09-07-2012 11:10 AM

She sent me Youtube videos and I tried to post them on here and couldn't.

She sent one of him being tacked up, one gaiting, and one being ridden into water and up a trail in the woods.

I noticed the head up... I'd really like to see it down more...but we'll see how he does with me on him and the reins a LOT lower.

The ad didn't list any registration and I didn't worry about it, because I don't show and you certainly can't breed a gelding. I'm more concerned with his gait and his trail-worthiness.

bellagris 09-07-2012 11:16 AM

would you be able to pm the videos?

From what I can see he is definitely worth looking at if you can catch a picture of gait on camera, he has it in him for sure -but seeing if he gaits in a video shows if it is consistent.

Saddlebag 09-07-2012 11:53 AM

Old time horsemen used to say you can't beat (get better) than a strawberry roan.

HagonNag 09-07-2012 12:15 PM

bellagris 09-07-2012 12:29 PM

What I see from that gait video is that the rider is the one causing this horse to be out of gait, he actually has quite a bit of talent when she is leaving him alone and letting him to his will see that when she goes past the first time and right when she gets to the end to turn him around he loosens up, relaxes and starts to shake his head. When she is going past you in both directions, her body position is unbalanced she is leaning way far back which is just not correct. Her hands are wrong and with that combo her asking for speed is just causing the horse to throw his nose up and step pace and look hot. When she slows him down he easily does this and looks relaxed. He's really trying to figure out what she wants and I think under a different rider he could go really very nicely. It appears to me that she just really isn't sure what she should be doing with her body to help the horse.

I would look at him for sure, if you have experience in gaited horses (racking) then you should be able to sit properly for this horse for a gaited and he should go better. IMO

HagonNag 09-07-2012 12:33 PM

Thank you, that answers a lot of my questions. I thought he looked a little "hot" and not as relaxed as I had hoped he would be...and the nose in the air just reinforced this feeling. The owner (who isn't the rider) said he was very compliant and always tried to give you what you were asking for, so this makes sense if he's confused. I also never hold my reins that high. I'm hoping when I go to see him that he'll ride differently under me.

bellagris 09-07-2012 12:34 PM

in the trail and water video he is actually going a lot better. I think probabl because the rder isn't trying so hard for gait and is more focused on the water therefore her hands are better, her seat is better and he is therefore doing what he does naturally.

Not a bad horse.

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