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Tybee 09-08-2012 07:38 PM

Questions on going from pasture to stall board
My horses have been only pasture boarded with run-ins here at my home for the past....hmmm....12+ years and never had any problems with them being pacers, cribbers, windsuckers, etc. My question is, since they are so used to being "out and about" should I be proactive about them moving their routine to stall board and get atleast one cribbing collar as a "just in case" and should I go ahead and get them some chew toys/lick toys to keep them from getting bored?

Also, I am concerned about health.....they will be up during the days/out at night during hot months and out during the day/in at night during the cold months, and anytime there will be bad weather they will be up.....seeing as my Quarter Horse is 19y/o should I get him on a joint/muscle supplement to prevent any stiffness or soreness from being kept up?

Both my boys have never had a single health problem, and I contribute that to their stress free and as natural as possible life they've been living up to this point, and I just don't want their health to go downhill because of this change in their routine.

Opinions appreciated!

OutOfTheLoop 09-09-2012 09:20 AM

My gelding is the same age as yours, and he went from living completly outside with a herd.of cattle to being up at night and out during the day. He has not had any problems with stiffness or wood chewing/sucking. I gave him a jollyball and he stomped it to death and never touched it again. He has always been pretty healthy, and even with an old leg injury he doesn't get stiff. I would just see how it goes. Make sure they get plenty of excersise, and if it makes you feel better put the oldie on a joint supplement.
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