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Customcanines 09-09-2012 02:53 PM

Jeffries all purpose saddle???
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Anybody know anything about Jeffries saddles? I want a saddle for mainly trail riding, but I want a comfortable saddle that I COULD jump in. They are asking $300.00 for it, including leather girth, stirrup leathers and irons, and a real wool fleece pad. At this time, I can't pay much more for a saddle, but I am willing to wait for the right one.

faye 09-09-2012 05:19 PM

Jeffries Generaly is one of the TOP English bridle and saddle makers. for a new saddle from them, off the peg starts at around 1k, normaly a lot more. I have one of thier bridles that is 20 years old and is still in show ring condition.

Jeffries leather irths retail at 50 ish minimum.

Even though it looks like an older saddle it should be in beautiful condition if it has been looked after and should be very comfy and will probably out last you

unclearthur 09-10-2012 07:50 AM

What Faye said - except they're mostly around 1200 now :(

Just be careful of the width. Surviving older saddles (I'd say the model shown was probably made in the 1970s or early 80s - it looks similar to the slightly later Mk II Event) are often narrower than you might expect.

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