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AbsitVita 09-10-2012 03:30 PM

The horrors of taking our dogs on a mini road trip to the country!
So we took our dogs, Zoe and Aries, with us on the drive to the country side yesterday. Zoe was so funny, sticking her nose out the window the whole way...until we got into Marengo where it smelled of cow manure everywhere! She started snorting and sneezing like crazy then, I told her she needed to get a good whiff of that country air, she'll be smelling it all the time in a couple of years!! She gave me this funny OMG look! Aries ran back and forth sticking his flat nose out of the window to snort and sniff the fresh air, then he'd lean his front paws on the case between the seats and hold his head up to sniff the air, ears flying back behind him.

Everything was fine, until we turned around to go home. I'd mentioned to Dan that we needed to let them out to walk and he said that he needed to find a place to pull over...we got to Marengo and pulled down a side street because Aries started whining like crazy, and then I noticed he had pooped in the back seat already and it had rolled over to the passenger side where Zoe was stomping it into the seat. We stopped and they immediately jumped into the front, getting poop all over the seats up front! I was miffed. Dan is dry heaving, while I'm doing my best to not breathe as I pick up the squished dog poops in the back. We got them leashed up, got them out, I cleaned the worst of it up in the front seats and we let them do their business. The whole time I'm uber pissed that I had to sit in dog poop all the way home. After getting home we got the dogs out to run in the back yard. Then Dan and I went to work cleaning the seats with clorox wipes and No Scrub w/ Oxi Clean.

Hopefully my fiance will know next time: when I mention we should stop somewhere to let the dogs do their business, it doesn't mean drive 10 more miles and then find out we have to clean dog poop up :mrgreen:

Cacowgirl 09-11-2012 01:11 PM

That is so not fun! Hope you were able to get all the smell out. I was taking a large dog to a training class & without warning he Peed ( a LOT) all over the back seat. So I understand your pain.

CLaPorte432 09-11-2012 02:10 PM

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My dog had an upset stomach once. And had diarrhea in my car. Completely covered the backseat from top to bottoms. And the passenger seat. I found him sitting in my seat looking back at it all and thinking hed be in trouble. Poor guy. LoL.

Another time, my dads dog crapped in my car. My BRAND NEW car! Again, diarrhea. Awesome.

You little piece of solid pooh smooshed in the seats got nothing on me. ;-)
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