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xJumperx 09-10-2012 07:54 PM

Never Done This ... Writing Up A Lease.
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Hello Again :)

So, I have been thinking hard - and I'm going to consider leasing out Diamond, my little 14hh pony. She's too small for me, but wants a job so badly. She has so much potential to be the most beautiful Hunter for a smaller girl that will fit her better. It's going to be hard having her stall empty, but with hay as high as it is, her getting a good workout, and having just a little more income, it sounds like too much of a win.
The thing is, I have never done this before. I've never leased a horse, never leased out a horse, never even had a friend who leased! So ... I am quite uneducated in the topic.

** First of all, how in the world do you go about writing a contract of lease? What do you make sure to include? How do you format it?

** Also, what kind of requirements can I offer? I was thinking off site lease (parent's descision - they don't want people coming into our barn at any given time), and the choice to borrow her tack, which would be a bridle, bit, sadde pad, standing martingale, and girth. I can't offer a saddle. More on this in the next paragraph.

** So, about lending the tack - something I should put in the contract, right? I was thinking of saying something along the lines of, 'you can use it to your liking as long as you lease Diamond, but if you break it, you buy a replacement. Not me. Once the lease is over, we get the tack back too.' Is this alright, or something to hold back on?

** About how much could I ask per month in this economy? (In KY by the way.) She is fairly green. I'm thinking about $200 a month. She is broke to ride, goes in all gates, jumps well, has show experiance. Of course, that little blurb isn't my whole advertisement, but you get the jist ;) I can provide video if needed.

Thank You all so much in advance :)

Barrelracer00 09-10-2012 07:59 PM

I wouldn't give the tack honestly, unless you want to. Meet the person, talk with them, watch them ride her. You don't want someone who will mistreat her, or not click with her. For the tack, once you meet with them and see them ride her, if they seem trustworthy and you trust her, sure. But what if not? They could not return the tack. And I would probably limit the length of places they take her? You know, that way she has less chance of getting hurt. Maybe limit the feet they can jump her, too. I know this sounds strict, but its all things to think about. I mean, she is your horse. You care about her and love her. You might want to be a little strict. Hope I could help! :)

SouthernTrails 09-10-2012 08:01 PM

xJumperx 09-10-2012 08:03 PM

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Thank You! That does help :) I wasn't thinking about the length of travel or height of the jumps - thank you! I know the length of travel would be a definate factor. I'd probably set the height limits after I watched the future leasee ride. I don't mind Diamond going as high as she pleases - as long as the rider doesn't punish her for it.

Good to know I can really be strict :p Thanks!

LadyDreamer 09-11-2012 02:47 AM

Definitely plan for the unthinkable situation where your horse dies in someone else's hands. Be sure to have a plan down. Don't think it won't happen. Happened to us TWICE. Once on a mare I was leasing and once on a mare we leased out. Have a plan.
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