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barrelracer516 09-11-2012 12:00 AM

Running in the mud?
Im going to a two day long show this weekend, and every year that I have went (just to watch/hang out with friends) it always rans and they show rain or shine. (unless lightening occurs obviously) For some reason it ALWAYS rains on this weekend that this show goes on. Well I have signed up this year and will running Annie in barrels & poles then Jasper in keyhole & barrel pick-up (not sure if anyone else is familiar with those events) Annie and Jasper are both newer horses to me as of this year so I've never ran them in the mud and not sure if they have in the past. The couple of years that I have went and that it did rain I've never seen anyone slip or fall or get hurt in any way. It's an all sand arena. I'm just getting more and more nervous as this weekend gets closer.
I've looked at the weather for that area and it isn't supposed to rain the two days that the show is going to be held, but the day before there is like a 40% chance. I'm hoping that it doesn't rain too much, maybe calm my nerves?

I just want y'alls opinion in running in the mud?
What should I do if it does get really nasty? Scratch? Run? I don't know. :?

BubblesBlue 09-11-2012 12:07 AM

It depends on the arena. If you can, go into the arena ahead of the time and see what it's like.
If the arena has a good drainage system and good amount of sand, it holds the water pretty well.

BarrelRacingLvr 09-11-2012 02:33 AM

I don't mind the mud as long as it isn't hardpan under the mud where they can't get traction, or if it is a sticky mud...that is when you pull things.

If it is decent when muddy then I am fine...but my guy has to learn to run on mud if he is going to be a true rodeo horse.

SorrelHorse 09-13-2012 05:09 PM

^ These two are right.

It'll depend on how well your horse can handle it too. My little mare right now handles mud extremely well but my other gelding has never done well.

Check the footing yourself. That's the only way to really be sure.

DrumRunner 09-13-2012 05:22 PM

What the others have already posted, it really depends on you, your horse, and what you're comfortable with. If you aren't too sure about the ground your horse will know it and you won't do as well as you normally would.

barrelracer516 09-16-2012 06:16 PM

Thanks guys! The arena is all sand so it was grippy. But it got pretty nasty. But my horses actually loved it. My gelding got some of his best times. Keyhole ran a 10 but he rand into too far then stalled. So that could have been faster but a 10 is still one of his best times. Annie didn't do too well in poles, but she isn't finished so we loped but my dad sad we were like 12th out of 22. Then barrels Annie stalled around the first barrel and ran a 19. Probably could have placed if she wouldn't have stalled. And my friend and I did barrel pickup on Jasper my gelding and ended up 9th place. Best time yet in that too. Got a nice trophy for that. They give trophys to the top 10 in each class. This is the first I've had Jasper and Annie so I think I did pretty well. I had a great time and had a lot of fun that's all that matters. :)
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