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l8rgator 09-11-2012 12:49 AM

Choosing a Down Under Kimberley Saddle
After a years worth of evaluating and trying different things, I've settled on buying a hornless Kimberley series saddle from Down Under Saddle Supply. I can't seem to decide which one to get though.

Anybody have any feedback whatsoever?

The three I've narrowed it down to are the:

Synthetic Stock
Economy Outback

Here are my priorities in order:
My primary goals in order are
1. Fits my horse perfectly
2. Comfortable for me
3. Super lightweight & easy to maneuver in a tight trailer.
4. Comfortable to ride in shorts with sensitive skin. Straps don’t pinch and edges don’t dig or rub.
5. Low maintenance, easy to clean. Dries well. Good with temperature changes (range here from 10 below 0 to 110 F) and very dry weather.
6. Comfortable to plop a kid on periodically
7. Guests (children) can ride in comfortably
8. Grippy
9. Will last

Any other considerations might help me make a decision?

Also, I’ve always had western stirrups (and saddles) and have never tried anything else. Generally I ride with my feet out of my stirrups anyways – because I’m not coordinated enough to keep enough pressure in each one and my feet fall out alot. And my western saddle fenders make my knees and ankles ache after an hour. We only trail ride. Any recommendations on what type of stirrups I might prefer?

I probably will also buy a seat cover. And possibly a western conversion kit eventually but not right away.

All ideas & suggestions welcome!!!

The TWH I'm trying to fit:

poppy1356 09-11-2012 10:16 AM

Subbing. My goal is to get one of those as well and I'm having the same issue deciding. Except I ride english as western saddles hurt my knees. And have basically the same questions but I don't ride in shorts but I'm looking for something I can ride in jeans and boots instead of breeches and tall boots.

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