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MisterSmoke 09-12-2012 06:34 PM

new treatment for Kissing Spines
i'm new on this forum, and English is not my birth language, so please excuse me for any mistakes i make.

i have a 4 year old appaloosa gelding with kissing spines, who is dangerous to ride because of his backpain.

recently i learned about a new treatment for Kissing Spines. an British vet team found out about this treatment where they make a small insision in the back and they cut the ligaments of the muscles where the kissing spines appear.

the idea about this is to create less pressure on those muscles so they relax and the spines get more space between them, so the spines will not kiss anymore.

i think this idea is great, but i am wondering if their are people who have experience with this treatment or with any alike treatments.

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