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Boomer11 09-13-2012 06:42 PM

Joint supplement?
I have a 21 year old gelding. He still competes in barrel races and loves every second of it. A few weeks ago he got a look over by the vet and the vet suggested putting him on some kind of supplement for his joints. He didn't specifiy a brand or anything and at the time I didn't think to ask. Now I'm shopping around and there are SO many different kinds to buy, I have no idea what to get? So what brands do y'all suggest? Should it be a senior or performance supplement? Also he's being eating all stock pellets, with a hoof supplement, and free choice grass hay. He is doing well and is in shape however I'm changing him over to a senior feed shortly. Will I still need a supplement with a senior feed?

If there are typos I apologize I'm on my phone and it's not the best way to post! Thanks in advance!
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mudpie 09-13-2012 08:18 PM

I had tons of questions about joint supplements, too, when I decided to start Mudpie on one. The folks at SmartPak helped me IMMENSELY. I strongly recommend that you call and chat with one of the representatives. They're extremely knowledgable and patient, and will answer all of your stupid questions. I recently talked to one for a straight hour, with all sorts of weird questions. :)

I've been repeatedly impressed with their customer service.

Check them out, and call them up to ask about what would be best for your horse!! :D

Their website is HERE.

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