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Fudgelove 09-14-2012 12:54 PM

Made it to States in 4-h! Tips? Any tips welcome!
Hey guys! My horse Fudge and I made it to States in HUS pleasure! Sooo excited!! But I have a few questions. There will be a TON of competition and I am a bit worried. I need to get and keep his head lower than usual becsue when i get in the class it will come up a bit. Any tips for training his head to lower? And for in the class any little tricks to keep it down or ask for his head lowered discreatly? To add to that I dont want to use divices or "yanking". Also just any tips for a big show like that in general! Sorry ive made so many threads I just can never seem to find answers and usually no one answers my threads! Thanks so much! Try to ignore my awful spelling haha and If I didnt make sense just ask for clarification sometimes i get carried away in typing and dont make sense :lol:

poundinghooves 09-14-2012 12:59 PM

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Congrats! You really accomplished something. Where I live we used to have to qualify to go to State but now we can just go. But when you have to qualify that's really awesome. I would be so thrilled with just being there. Don't worry if you don't do perfect. I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun. Make lots of friends from other counties. And smile!

Fudgelove 09-14-2012 01:04 PM

Wow really? We have to go to Round up and make top 5 then if you make that you go on to Districts and have to make top 2 for states! And thanks so much just myself getting worked up wanting to be perfect lol :D

Fudgelove 09-14-2012 02:08 PM

*BUMP* still looking for head lowering ideas

MHFoundation Quarters 09-14-2012 02:50 PM

Don't focus on the head, take a whole horse approach. If you get true collection and working under himself the headset will follow as an afterthought. If you focus on just getting a lower headset the rest of the picture will suffer.

I wish that qualifying was still a requirement for 4-h here, it used to be top 10% and for sms a regional win to compete. The change to opening it up has sadly destroyed the level of competition. Went with a student last year and it was a glorified schooling show.

Good luck and don't stress too much. If you've done well enough to qualify there was a reason for it. Be sure to let us know how it goes! :)
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Fudgelove 09-18-2012 02:27 PM

Yes I know haha my trianer is a dressage trainer so I hear that all the time! But the thing is, the after thought process is now i guess those are the right words haha. He is underhimself and collected 99% of the time and i was just looking for some tips thats all. Thats too bad! I like the idea of qualifying because it filters out riders that need just a little more work. I will! Thanks for your post!(:

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