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dreamster 09-14-2012 06:45 PM

Stone bruise??
Hi, so I was cleaning out my horses hooves about two days ago after I'd been road riding and there was a a rock about the size of your fingernail but very long which was stuck really hard and was pushed right down the white line of the hoof it had also pushed the hoof sort of like out making this sort of bump? I believe it might of been there even before I started riding but I didn't notice it (I have no idea how) because he kept tripping up on the ride. It took me ages to get it out and when I eventually did there was a hole quite far down into the white line of his hoof.

I haven't ridden him since and he's just been grazing in his paddock and getting some TLC but today I have to take him for a (20 minutes) walk along the road with steep hills and scary pigs ( :lol: ) to get to his new grazing.

Anyway what I'm essentially wondering is that is it a stone bruise? Or what should I do? The hoof trimmer is coming out soon so I'll ask her but until then what should I do? :) (Should I give him some time to rest?)


loosie 09-15-2012 03:34 AM

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Originally Posted by dreamster (Post 1683727)
a rock about the size of your fingernail

Which nail - I have varying sizes??:lol::lol:

If a stone is able to become lodged in the 'white line', that means there must be some separation there, or at least weak material. I'd be looking into cause & treatment of that as the real issue - which may be what the tripping's about too. He may have a bit of a bruise there from the stone, but hopefully not a real problem.

If you would like any more specific advice, hoof pics would be helpful - see link below.

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