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HarleyWood 09-14-2012 08:35 PM

what is he doing?
so today i deside to take my horse out as i was injured and couldnt ride for a while but i got him out put his sport boots on and he starts to paw, i smack his chest and he stopped, then he did it again when i did his back boots so i smacked his chest again and he stopped. i longed him around with the boots and he did fine. then i got the pad on he pawed i smacked. i got the saddle on he pawed. i smacked. i longed and he went fine both ways and cantered. then i get him over to me and put the bridle on and he put up a little fight and then took it he wouldnt bend to the left but did fine down and to the right. so i worked a little with him in hand as he kept pawing :( and then took off the bridle and longed he did fine i took the saddle off and he was pawing. he walked away and went to roll. he got up i took a boot off and hung it up he rolled this went on for a while and when all 4 was off he layed down near harleys stall. he kept doing it but he pooped when i had him saddled and he was munching on grass earlier and had a big drink a few hours ago (that i saw) .

so i let my moms horse and my boy lind of bullied him and that very much like him and i let my other boy out and they all go running and they seemed normal but i have never seen my boy roll so much before.. if he was itchy and the saddle rubbed would it cause him to roll so much?

i didnt wanna ride and him go down with me on him. so i worked with him and he rolled over a few times.

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