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luv2show 09-14-2012 08:36 PM

Saddle Questions - L Volzing Giessen Saddle
A little while ago I purchased a lot of Saddles including a Splendid, a Stubben and this L Volzing Giessen saddle in attempt to find one that fit my horse. The Stubben and the Splendid did not - so I resold them and splurged on a very beautiful older Crosby that fits my gelding perfectly. The L Volzing Giessen saddle fits a couple other horses that I put training on - which is why I didn't list it for sale. It's currently just sitting as a spare, but I am curious about it.

Here's what I know:
L Volzing Giessen saddle
17.5" Seat
Med/wide tree
Made in Germany

What I'm assuming:
80's saddle
it's an All Purpose

Now when I go to look it up online, I can only find dressage saddles under this brand. Can someone tell me about it - its it good quality? I was wondering if it was worth restoring (reflocking, colour..) because the leather on outside has faded (I'm assuming it used to be black?) to a greenish colour. What would be the best product to do this, as I dont want to dye it. Leather darkener?

Lastly - what's it worth?

Thanks so much for any help... Im really on the fence about selling or keeping it!
Pictures to follow in next post

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