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Customcanines 09-15-2012 09:36 PM

Should I be worried, or should I be happy?? (LONG)
This is going to be long, so I apologize in advance. Besides, by the time you finish, you'll all probably think I'm crazy, anyway.:lol:

I worked and professionally trained MANY young and green horses when I was young. I learned to ride on a 3 year old unbroken ridgeling Quarter Horse I got when I was 11. Every young horse I ever worked with had at least one issue – bucking, spooking, balking, not wanting to tie, running through the bit, being difficult to trailer - SOMETHING. When I decided to buy a horse, I knew I would have some problems, no matter how well trained the new horse was. In May I got a barely 2 year old Quarter Horse who had already had some very limited saddle training. Even though I knew better, I bought her the first time I saw her, without riding her or watching her be ridden, or even really handling her. (I know – stupid. But something about her… I didn’t even get a vet exam. I also had no intention of buying one so young. At 59, I REALLY don’t want to hit the dirt more than necessary. LOL))
When they delivered Nibbles, and she stepped off of the trailer at my daughters, I expected her to be spooky and difficult, but she wasn’t. She looked around, then calmly walked over to me and started to graze. She settled into her new stall and pasture without a murmur, and with no anxiety.
Since then, I have ridden her 1-2 times a week on the trails, only at a walk, and with my vet’s approval – she’s very mature for her age, both physically and mentally. She has never spooked (Except once. My daughter’s dog actually jumped on Nibbles’ rump from a ledge above us and Nibbles bucked once and took off for about 15 feet, then stopped and looked back like she couldn’t believe that dog was so stupid.) Anyway, she just doesn’t spook at ANYTHING. We have had 4 wheelers come flying down the trail unexpectedly, we have been very close to hunters when they started shooting, we have jumped deer and turkeys and she just stops and looks. Same with cattle, pigs, and goats. She walks through water, brush, over bridges, whatever. She is actually better behaved and calmer on the trail than my daughter’s 26 year old mare.
When my daughter got bucked off of her new 6 year old Haflinger and was hurt, my husband jumped off of Nibbles and ran to my daughter, and Nibbles just stood there ground –tied for at least 5 minutes without moving. My husband then ponied my daughter’s out of control horse back to the barn, most of the time with Nibbles reins dropped because he was having so much trouble with the other horse, and again, Nibbles never got upset or tried to do anything but walk calmly.
No matter what we try with her, she’s willing and learns quickly. She NEVER fights us and is always respectful. She ties for as long as we want and just goes to sleep. The grandkids play with braiding her mane and tail, and she loves it. Bathing – no issue. Loading – she walks in by herself.
I started to get worried she was just totally lazy, so the other day I asked her to trot and she did so immediately. She kept going at a nice rate until I asked her to stop, and again, immediate compliance.
No, this isn’t a brag, because I had nothing to do with her being this way. The man who broke her deserves all the credit, but when I finally talked to him the other day, he said he had NEVER worked on ground tying or accustomed her to half of the things she’s seen or done since. He DID say he had never ridden a horse with a better attitude, so maybe that’s it.
I just keep reading all of the posts with the problems, and I’m wondering when she’s going to blow up or AT LEAST act like a 2 year old. Believe it or not, part of me is worried that there’s something physically wrong with her, although we DID have a vet check after we had had her a while, and he said she was perfectly sound. (I’d guess doping, but 3 months is a LITTLE long for it to stay in her system. LOL) I am actually WORRIED something’s not right! Should I be worried? Grateful that I have a one in a million horse? OR should I prepare myself for when she DOES start acting her age?? (Or am I getting senile and I just don’t remember those long ago horses correctly?)

One more thing. She also does stuff that freaks me out a little. We kept finding pieces of her mane caught in the fence by the barn and couldn’t figure out why. There was some grass about 20 feet away, but she couldn’t reach it through the fence. Anyway, one day my daughter walked down to the barn and saw her OUTSIDE the fence, grazing. AS she watched, Nibbles calmly walked over to the wire fence, took her nose and lifted the top two wires, then got on her knees and went back under. Apparently, she had been doing this for some time, and always went back into the pasture before we could catch her. (We fixed the fence)
She also likes to get into the barn when we’re in there, and my daughter ties a rope across the double door entrance that opens up to the pasture. Nibbles quickly learned to go under, or if it was too low, she will take her foot, hold down the rope, then step over. When we close the doors enough so she can’t get through, she will take the handle with her teeth and slide the door open. She only does this when we are in the barn otherwise she’s content to stay in the pasture.
Also, once when my daughter had to store some hay in the loft, Nibbles watched them go up and down the stairs, then when she was turned out of her stall, instead of going out to the pasture, she actually tried to go UP THE STAIRS to get to the hay. She actually made it up about 5 stairs (Thank goodness they are wide and strong) I have just never been around horses that DO those kinds of things. :shock: Should I be afraid??? LOL

With Grace 09-15-2012 09:44 PM

She sounds like she stood in the personality line twice when she was born :) If you even get a chance to get a vid of her doing some of these things, I'd love to see it!!

Sharpie 09-15-2012 09:59 PM

My horse does the same thing with ropes and wire (or barbwire) fences. Just goes over, under, or between the strands like it's no big deal. He'll shimmy under a single rail or pole fence like it's nothing too or walk over the middle and bottom rails if the top has fallen. It's actually one of the reasons he was sold to me. He's also extremely willing and easy- maybe they're related? Lol. I would guess that it has something to do with the way their brain works, maybe they're calm thinker types.

barrelbeginner 09-15-2012 10:04 PM

uhh.. I want her

Rachel1786 09-15-2012 10:22 PM

WOW, she sounds amazing, I would be happy if I were you. At first I thought maybe she was too young for her to in work and mentally shut down and that is why she was so compliant, but with all her silly antics I doubt that is the case! She sounds like a great horse, wanna trade! lol

Oxer 09-15-2012 10:22 PM

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Originally Posted by Customcanines (Post 1684796)
I am actually WORRIED something’s not right! Should I be worried? Grateful that I have a one in a million horse? OR should I prepare myself for when she DOES start acting her age??

so I have a friend that bought a 3 year old TB. He was track bred but never ran. He was little and quiet. He was so quiet in fact, that she started him as a nice little hunter. She was definitely no trainer. And I would even say that she was a timid and unconfident rider. However, this little gelding never took advantage of her. He stayed quiet. He was always brave enough for her and would pack her around. She's had him about 2 years now, and he's no different than he was from day one.

Sometimes, we get horses that are bred out of God knows what... by God knows who... but the combination and the people that bring them along in their early years, are just enough to make for a nice quality horse. It's rare, but hell, if i were you, i'd just whisper a little "thank you" to the man upstairs, and leave it at that!

Customcanines 09-17-2012 07:17 PM

I guess i am silly for worrying, and I should be thankful she's such a sweet baby. (She also hasn't noticibly come in heat since I got her - maybe then all H@#L will break loose! SHe CERTAINLY hasn't shut down - she's very mischievious and playful - she plays tug of war with my daughter's dog, and for some REALLY strange reason, the dog will stand in front of her until Nibbles grabs his by the 'withers" and pulls - almost picking him up. The dog thinks that's great fun! LOL

doubleopi 09-17-2012 07:26 PM

Oh my goodness! She sounds like a real character...and a lot of fun!

Golden Horse 09-17-2012 07:28 PM

LOL, I had a little colt born on the farm here, and he just seemed to accept most everything we did with him, scared the beejeezus out of me as he came up to 4 years old and i was getting ready to back him, kept thinking that he was going to explode at some time, but he never did, he was just that laid back about life.

Sounds like you have struck doubly lucky, laid back, and smart, congratulations.

tinyliny 09-17-2012 07:38 PM

Ok, don't take any offense at this, but you know that God looks out for Fools and Children. You aren't a child, but you know you were foolish to not ride or vet check , right? I think it's just one of those moments of Grace. Be grateful and go forward.

I also think Nibbles might be harboring a human soul that accidently got put in a horse body. I know my friend has an Arab that when you look into his eyes, you would swear there is a human looking back at you. He, too, has no fear and is ever trusting, playful and mischievious. I hope you will share her misadventures with us, and some photos, too.

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