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faye 09-16-2012 03:52 PM

Bad backs??
So hands up who has a bad back? worst experiances?

I'll kick us off, I have 2 crushed discs in my lower spine and my back has a tendancy to just completly give on me, I carry medication and my mobile on me at all times. I've been told not to ride as it agrivates my back however if i dont ride it goes more often

Yesterday I rode jeff and had a brilliant 1 and a half hour hack with lots of schooling on it, however afterwards I went to Tesco to get some food and as I reached into the fridge to get some milk I got a bolt of pain accross my lower back that litteraly sent me to my knees, a lovely 80yr old gentleman attempted to get me to my feet again but I just couldnt go through the pain, so him and the store manager managed to manhandle me into a seat and then got me some water and fished my meds out of my bag, it was at least 20 mins before i could move sufficiently to do anything.

I was on the yard today talking to the girls and it seems that nearly everyone on the yard has a bad back hence the poll.

So whats your story?

Jacksmama 09-16-2012 04:32 PM

Same here. I have a herniated disc and 2 bulging discs, the curve in my lower back is too shallow, one of discs has slipped slightly out of alignment, and I have degenerative disc disease. I tried the epidural injections but they were just too invasive and didn't do much good, chiropractor did more good than anything really. I still have spells of very severe lower back pain, muscle spasms, etc...and chronic pain at all times, but honestly riding seems to help. I was having a pretty painful day today but the weather is so beautiful I rode anyway, and its much much better now.
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BarrelracingArabian 09-16-2012 04:44 PM

I have mild spondylolisthesis aka everything but the fracture thank god. I have daily back pain and because of the missing cartiledge between vertibrea i can feel my back grindinh when ever i turn or lay down a certain way. I keep ibuprofen ( prescription heavy duty stuff) on me at all times and have to do daily core strengthening back exercises to strengthen the muscles to take some of the pressurr off.
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Jake and Dai 09-16-2012 04:48 PM

I voted No Thank God. But I'm sure it's just a matter of time. **knocks on wood**

busysmurf 09-27-2012 02:18 PM

Among other things, LOL. As for my back, thankfully no disc issues, but depending on which Dr. and set of x-rays to believe, I do have / do not have an issue.:evil:

According to the chiro, the x-rays she took, and the physical therapist, I have an "extra" vertabrae (S1). S1 is supposed to be fused to the others to make your sacrum, mine isn't and there's no cartilage in that "joint". I also have severe arthritis there because of it, as well as in my pubic bone. And my hip is seriously rotated. This is according to the chiro x-rays.

According to my primary Dr. and the phsyiatrist, and the radiologist there's nothing wrong. I have fibro-myalgia.

But they can't explain to me why my legs go numb driving, I have difficulty getting out of chairs going up/down stairs, my sciatic nerve is constantly inflamed, and I've dropped my son twice (I'm 32). They keep trying to pass it off as FM.

I'm working on getting a second opinion, just arguing with the insurance company right now.:evil::evil:

WickedNag 09-27-2012 02:28 PM

I broke my back once (5 years ago) didn't even know it. Knew I felt like I had the wind knocked totally out of me. Two years ago I had surgery and due to my heart issues had to have a chest x-ray before I could have my surgery. When they called to give me my x-ray results they started out with saying all we saw was your old T9 compression fracture. I interrupted and said " You don't have the right person, I have never hurt my back" I was informed I did and was extremely lucky! I always have known I had a high pain tolerance and can handle more things than most but that was a little nuts!

Oh neighbor spooked my new horse when I was just getting on... horse lost it and I ended up flat on my back!

TexasBlaze 09-27-2012 03:21 PM

I have Scholiosis. I had a 64 degree curve in the top portion of my back (and a smaller one in my lower back) and at 14 i had to have back surgery to have 2 alloy rods placed in my back on either side of my backbone and my backbone was fused together. I was told that if i hadnt have had the surgery then by the time i was 20 (i turn 20 in a few months) then my backbone would have continually gotten worse and curved into my heart and lungs, killing me. My backbone will forever be fused, my rods will forever be there, i have one HELL of a scar, and my shoulders and hips are uneven due to the still existing bottom curve but im alive and kicking! Still riding and training and breaking horses and will be until it becomes physically impossible for me. I actually give the credit to my horse for finding it. I had been tested ONCE A YEAR for it leading up to finding it and they never found it. At christmas my brothers decided to "race" and my gelding and i were loping along behind them and he slipped and we fell. Couldnt walk for two weeks so we went to the doctor and thats when they discovered it. If it hadnt been for my gelding we wouldnt have known about it until it started causing some SERIOUS damage to my body. Possibly permanant.

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