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skyhorse1999 09-16-2012 05:56 PM

I Love You, I
6 months: I Love You! - YouTube
Please read me!
So. I started out making this video to a different song but then I heard this and it was perfectJ. Actually, this is more like 7 and a half month video, but sorta the same thingJ
Basically, I love Rowdy with my entire heartJ there have been mistakes, for both of us. The day I met Rowdy I knew that he was mine and I was his. When I met him, I had just lost another horse, Iím gonna call him pepper, and I missed him so much. I was upset and had just recently stopped crying sor the first time since pepper was sold 2 days ago. My trainer called and said that she had brought back a new horse to the barn, that he was for sale and I could come look if I wanted.
I went to check out the horse, having no intentions of liking him, let alone loving him more than I loved pepper, or Indie, or Denza or Moon, for that matter, and Rowdy seemed to be thinking the same thing when I first walked into his stall. I looked him over, and immediately my heart broke. He was skin an dbones and covered in thick scruffy shaggy fur that was covered in dirt. but then I saw his eyes and saw how scared and confused and terrified and lonely they looked. Then he started walking at me, and shoved his head into my arm, and I leaned on him and I knew that this was it. I needed him.
It scared me to love Rowdy, because every other horse I cared about was gone. I took it slowly with him, letting him trust me and he let me trust him, rather than diving in headfirst as I had with the others, because all that did was get my head hit on the bottom. And it seemed to work. It took a few weeks for Rowdy to come to me in the pasture, and it took me a few weeks to be able to trust that he knew what to do.
But eventually, we trusted each other whole heartedly and he is the most amazing horse I have ever met. I didnít realize it, but everything that ever happened to me was just bringing me closer to rowdy. Denza going lame, Moon being moved, Indie not being for sale, and Pepper being yanked out from under me.
Rowdy and I still have those days where everything goes wrong, but when that happens I think the same thing I did when I me rowdy; ďI love you. I know your scared, so am I. Iíll help you, but only if you help me toĒ

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