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Gaited07 08-23-2008 10:30 AM

Okay, the title says it all!

I had planned on buying hay from this new guy off craigslist that supposedly had good quality Timothy 2nd cutting hay. I was to meet him between deliveries to load off his truck at 2:30 (temps 106+ no shade) He was late, so I called and he tells me he's going to be about 35-45 minutes late, which he was. So my daughter and I go to Wendy's to have some lunch to get out of the heat. Finally we meet up with him (he's a young man around 22 years old) and he has this sun burnt/bleached out "GRASS" hay! I search and search for any signs of timothy but nothing but grass and sticks. Now the kid tells me that the timothy is deep in the bale and the grass is only on the outside and how there is oat straw in there too.
I do see that it is fresh baled "grass" but I don't see anything else but grass!!!!! I tell the kid this and he asks me, "well, what would you pay for it?" I tell him," if I wanted this, I would only pay 12.00 a bale." This stuff has no nutritional value to it and I would be wasting my time and money, not to mention, the horse probably won't eat it anyway.
I ended up telling him that it was "NOT" what I was needing and we parted ways, HOWEVER, I wanted to wring his neck for wasting my time, being late in this frickin heat and having lied about this nasty OVER PRICED GRASS CRAP! And to think he think he was going to pull this off ????
I guess I will stay with my reliable hay man.

Okay, my rant is over. I just can't believe that some people really think other people are that dumb!!! As if I don't know what timothy looks like???? (Gee, we only grew the stuff)

SO for the people of vegas area, DON"T BUY FROM WAYNE!
Oh, the topper on this lie of lies, he tells me that he is not from NV but his truck and TRAILER both are plated with NV ????

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