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pep 09-17-2012 03:04 AM

*super long rantn* new horse adventures..
So at the end of July I got my first horse and she's amazing, we were going up to a show a week after I got her... As much as I didn't want to bring her to the show just because it would make her adjustment harder she is used to being ridden twice a day every day so I couldn't just get her then leave her for a week, so we brought her up to the show, I rode my lease horse and did amazing, and my coach rode my horse in 2 classes. It didn't exactly go very good, my horse made it over the first 2 jumps then got sticky at the gate and did a full rear and all that fun stuff and got eliminated so we put her in a hunter class the next day to make her think more since she's never done hunters before that she did ok, she made it through the course and look wonderful, after she got into the ring, it was a bit of a fight to get her past the gate hut my coach did it and she had a nice round, so we got back from the show and I rode my horse alot and it was going good :), she she kicked the stall ALOT though, we were worried she would hurt herself. But she slowly stopped kicking the stall so I guess it was just her adapting to her new home. I was riding her in a lesson one day and she started bucking at the canter on the left lead in the same corner of the arena all the time which was frustrating but my coach helped me work through it and though she still bucks sometimes at the canter but only once or twice and it's always me accidentally irritating her with my leg. We went to a schooling day with her and I had so much fun, I was nervous because of how she behaved at the show when I first got her but she was only spooky at first and then she calmed down, we did the table top and devils dyke and a hill which it was my first time doing all of those things so I had fun :) my next lesson after that I learnt my mare can jump 5 foot oxers haha... She was excited and blasted herself over the jump and it looks like she's jumping the horse beside the jump. Last weekend I went to my first show with her and we did the 2'9 jumpers, i was so so happy with how good she did, we placed in everything ( 2nds and 3rds) and I was just so happy because I've only had her for a little over a month :) so yeah sorry for the rant but I was just really happy haha:D:D

I'm really sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes, auto correct is a pain.

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