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moomoo 08-23-2008 02:34 PM

tacking up, quit it
I have no problems with Misty, but when i put her bridle on she chomps the bit and it is getting irritating (also she is wearing her teeth down - would a happy mouth reduce that?) Is there any way I could stop her chomping :?

Also, she chomps and pulls faces when i do up the girth :twisted: I have tried saddling then putting the bridle on, but she still pulled faces when I did up the girth (I don't do it tight, i dont even ride woth it too tight)

Any suggestions?

Rubonsky 08-23-2008 06:32 PM

Have you had her teeth checked? Sometimes that is a sign they need their teeth done. Also, have you had a chiro look at her? I had a mare who was really cranky when you would girth her and it kept getting worse and worse no matter what we tried. It turned out she had two ribs out and once she was adjusted it went away. Just a thought.

PoptartShop 08-23-2008 09:30 PM

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Hmm, I would get her teeth checked. ;) Maybe she's feeling some discomfort there?

upnover 08-23-2008 11:01 PM

is the bit fitted properly? sometimes if it's too low in their mouth they will chomp. and some horses just like to chew! i don't think a happy mouth will help that too much.

is she just really sensitive when anything touches her girth area? (i know horse like that and there's not much you can do other then be as slow and gentle about the girth as you can). have you tried barely buckling the girth on and very slowly and gradually making it tighter and tighter? or you could try letting him walk a bit before tightening it, walk a bit more, tighten a bit more, etc. How is the thin sensitive skin (by her elbows)? Is it irritated or flaky at all? I know a horse who's extremely girthy because it took his owner years (sadly yes, literally years) to realize that his skin flakes off if she uses a leather girth. He's still girthy but has normal skin with a fleece girth.

maybe you've tried all these things... but just trying to give you some ideas! :)

TheVelveteenPony 08-23-2008 11:23 PM

I think a happy mouth would help. If she's wearing down her teeth from the metal, a plastic bit will definitely slow that wear down. Plus if you get the apple flavored ones it will give her something to enjoy.
But buying a bit is not a fix... you should really get her teeth and back checked. If you're worried about money you could just call out your vet (if she does teeth) and have her look at both.
Good luck! Remember, how your horse acts is his way of communicating with you... don't forget to listen!

moomoo 08-24-2008 06:51 AM

Her teeth are done (thats how I know she is wearing them down) and I think she would enjoy a happy mouth apple flavour :P
She is quite sensitive around her girth when you groom it she gets a smidge moody (she doesn't have any girth gauls by her elbows so it isnt flaky or irritated) :)

The only one left is the back man, but she started getting grumpy after someone rode her while I was away (and I know that she has her girth extremely tight) so I thought maybe that was the cause and its a bad habit from that memory :?

I will try putting her bit up a hole and see when the back man is next coming out :) Thanks for your help

Appyt 08-25-2008 09:32 AM


lso, she chomps and pulls faces when i do up the girth Twisted Evil I have tried saddling then putting the bridle on, but she still pulled faces when I did up the girth
This tells me it's not the bit... She is chomping and pulling faces as she is expecting to be uncomfortable. It doesn't take long to teach them "that hurts" :( So, just keep tacking her up saddle first, makes more sense to do it that way to me. Take it slow and give her time to adjust her thinking to no pain. Don't reward her chomping but don't punish it unless she bites at you.. Try to reward her when she's not chomping and making faces.. Poor girl..

Vidaloco 08-25-2008 11:53 AM

You may already be doing this, but when tightening the cinch do it gradually. I put the saddle on first, tighten just enough to hold the saddle on. Then go do something else, tighten the cinch again, go do something else again :wink: Then right before I get on I tighten one last time. My western saddle is like an english with a buckle system on both sides. I make sure I'm on the same holes on both sides. So I'm tightening one side then the other. I also lift her front legs to make sure she doesnt have any pinched skin before I mount up. Yes, She is spoiled :wink
Vida used to be really cinchy, pinning her hears and making faces when being tacked up, until I started doing it this way. She still will if she is in season but its minimal and she is just being mareish.

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