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Asama 09-17-2012 03:46 PM

I'm getting excited and nervous and anxious!
Sooo, this Saturday I will be going to pick up my QH foal from the breeder. She was born on May 9. She is untouched, no halter breaking or anything!

I'm just worried about having a hard time catching her, keeping her calm AND getting her in the trailer. She is also not weaned. I'll be keeping her out at my cousins and they have a gelding named Doc... Who we have started calling Doctor Mommy as he tends to take in any foals that show up and continues their life lessons.

What do you guys suggest for getting her to trust me enough to get a halter on her? And should I tie her while she's in the trailer?

I'm so excited! This weeks is going to be sooooooooo long and slow!!

Anyway - suggestions? And don't worry, I'll be taking one zillion pictures!

nikelodeon79 09-17-2012 03:50 PM

Wow. A few things.

She seems a bit young to be weaned, IMO. So, she's never been handled (WHY?!?) and she's going to be haltered, put in a trailer, and taken from her mommy all on the same day? Sheesh. Sounds like a BAD day for this baby!

You are not going to be able to get her used to the halter, leading, and trailering all in one day. She SHOULD have been getting handled and used to these things all along. In reality, she'll have to be caught, forced into a trailer, and then go through a TERRIFYING ride away from her mommy for the very first time.

How long have you known you were getting her? Why haven't you (or the seller) been working with her? Is there a reason you have to get her now?

You said you're afraid you won't be able to keep her calm? Given all of the above, I'm fairly positive she'll be the furthest thing from calm.

JustDressageIt 09-17-2012 04:22 PM

Poor thing. She should be properly weaned from her dam, not herded into a trailer (that's what you will have to do, with her not being halter broke) and taken away.
Shame on the seller. I hope you rethink your plan of action, OP. I would very very strongly suggest:
1) start working with her to get her leading and tying before showing up with a trailer
2) wean her from her dam for a week or two before picking her up. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
3) please, leave her on her dam till 5 or 6 months old... 4 and a bit months is very young. You can work on the above till she's 5-6 months old.

OP, please study up before you take this foal. Your plan (or lack of one) has me worried for the poor foal. She will end up scared at absolute best, or scared and damaged or hurt or worse at worst.
Is this your first foal?
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kait18 09-17-2012 04:30 PM

is there a way you can borrow your friends gelding and have him in the trailer so the baby has an animal to trailer with. that might help with some nerves.

as for the haltering etc.. i would have her pushed into a stock trailer like they do wild horses/and cattle. when you get home open up the trailer and have her go into a round pen. keep her there for a few days and let her be able to keep sight on the gelding in a nearby pasture if it allows or if he wont hurt her turn him out in the round pen with her. and when you want to work with her take him out.

but until you halter break her and get her familiar with people i would not let her loose into a field!!

and its been four months why could't the owners wean her at the property around 3.5 months or a week before you pick her up so its not a completely new thing to her?? and why was she untouched for so long if she was purposely breed??

Asama 09-17-2012 04:36 PM

I have had a foal before but it was born and raised with us. I know it is important for them to get handled from day one. If I had the option i would have gladly worked with her. Unfortunately - a three hour drive is hardly easy when you have a reliable vehicle and more than a little scary with my own vehicle.

The seller is actually quite good with her horses and knows what she is doing - she has had a bad year and is taking a break after these babies are gone. They are personal reasons so I feel it best not to explain here.

I have known since the end of May and have been preparing since then. My family has always been very horse oriented and thr cousins I'm keeping her at have more than enough experience to help me. They also just got a Weanling foal, about four months old and she is thriving. I know each foal is different but I am well prepared to take care of any situation that ahold arise.

Weaning at 4 months is notndetrimental to their physical health and while it can be mad for their mental health, it is not usually the case if the foal is handled properly. I volunteered at a vet clinic for schooling and since I was hoping to be more interactive with big animals, the vet always took me on field calls.

If it were completely up to me she would be weaned for a few weeks before I went to get her but it isn't always the case.

Thanks for your advice guys. I really appreciate it.

JustDressageIt 09-17-2012 04:48 PM

If you're dead set on getting her ASAP - insist she's weaned totally for a week before you get her.
Poor girl.
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