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amg800 09-18-2012 07:54 AM

A special Bond?
So I have just really been wondering I have looked it up and it sounds like everyone has a different opinion on if you can have a special bond with a horse. What I mean by special bond is like the ones you see in Flicka and Black Beauty is there a such things as this? :?

WyomingRallyRacer 09-18-2012 08:24 AM

I believe there can be horses that work better for one person then anyone else
Such as My horse she will let other people handler her, but she will give me the best of her work and she has been that way to me since I went out and caught her for the first time.
I don't believe every single person will have a horse like that.
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walkinthewalk 09-18-2012 09:52 AM

The horse in my avatar is my Heart Horse. He is a strong alpha-dominant horse, a great leader of the herd, aloof, can be hard to catch BUT

we communicate - we have communicated on a silent plane since the first time I rode him 22 years ago. He started it, I didn't. I think in pictures, he sees those pictures and reacts:shock:

I have many stories that even die hard horse people wouldn't believe and I can't remember half of them because "things" happen so frequently these days. Duke is now 25, I am 65, so we've had a lot of years to develop the "point and grunt" routine:-P

Although Duke has never offered to bite, kick, buck or rear a day in his life, he is not a horse most of the world would want.

He is a TWH and performs the Stepping Pace - champagne smooth but nonetheless a Stepping Pace.

Until the metabolic issues started dragging him down, he was full of go-go-go and would come BACK from a ride slidin' sideways, saying "ok what's next". That always suited me because I'm the same way -make that WAS the same way - lol.

His favorite thing in life (other than showing off in a parade) is to show the whites of his eyes to any stranger coming into the barn. Most are intimidated by him, which is what he wants because then he's left alone - lol lol

My brother had a stare-down with Duke once upon a time, now they are the best of friends ----- on the ground:lol:

He has taken after the Bully of the pasture when I've looked at him in frustration and said, "Duke do something with him", after the Bully pinned my most passive horse in a corner and bit the daylights out of him.

I've had some fantastic horses in my life and have bonded to several of them but none have been the Communicator Duke has been.

I believe as WRR stated that not every single person will be privileged to have a horse like that ORRRR if they do, they won't have the depth of instinct to recognize it:-)

Speed Racer 09-18-2012 10:37 AM

There are special bonds, but they're not like the garbage you see in the movies.

First and foremost, these are still horses. Trust and familiarity will forge strong bonds, but horses are not dogs, nor are they people in fur suits who walk on all fours. They neither think nor act like humans, and although they can form deep emotional attachments to their people, it's NOT human love.

If you forget all of that and think you can love your horse into respecting you, you're likely to get yourself very badly hurt.

I had my own heart horse, and we had a bond nothing could break. However, I never forgot he was a horse, just like he never forgot I was a human.

Britt 09-18-2012 10:44 AM

Yes. Horses and humans can have that special bond. I have it with both of my horses, just in different ways.

My mare is my heart-horse. We know each other so well that it's like I just have to think something and she knows what I'm wanting and vice-versa. She's my baby-girl and has always been there for me.

My gelding is my buddy-boy, though. He's the big pest of the pasture who rides best for me, even though he will let other people ride them... he's always done his best with me. I raised him. He's even protective of me in that he doesn't like other horses (besides my mare) coming around me.

ariatgirl2008 09-18-2012 01:34 PM

I've had a few different horses through out my life and one of the current horses I have now I feel like I have that special bond with..It's taken a long time to find a horse that really just clicks with me.

Jessabel 09-18-2012 04:25 PM

The stuff you see in movies is purely fiction. Sure, we'd all love to be Alec Ramsey and gallop bareback down the beach on a gorgeous wild stallion, but that's nonsense.

Horses can become quite attached to their person, but they don't come to your rescue and kill rattlesnakes like they do in the movies. They're never going to put you before themselves. The number one rule they live by is to survive, and it's been hard-wired into them over millions of years of evolution. No "bond" can override that instinct. Being prey animals, it makes perfect sense.

That's not to say that horses don't "love" in their own way. It's just very different than "human love".

cebee 09-19-2012 06:25 AM

I have a wonderful bond with my boy... he was a rescue and getting him fat and healthy really developed that bond... He is sweet to everyone, but more so to me. Would he save my life? nope... if something attacked he would run like the wind! But then I would not expect otherwise.. he is a horse! And at some point in the future if I had to let him go... I am equally sure he would develop a wonderful bond with who ever is his "person" in his new home. Would be nice to think he would pine away for me, but I think who ever fed him would be his new best friend!
I think it is more of a case of US feeling that special bond.... =)

WickedNag 09-19-2012 07:40 AM

A "special" bond can happen and it does but as you have read, it is not like the movies. My daughter's horse "loves" her. I can go out to the barn and call up the horses and they come meandering up. When she goes out and calls Cheveyo, he flies. You can hear his hooves hit the ground and he usually has to do a sliding stop when he gets near her. Would he save her life? Nope I don't believe so.. he would be leaving her in the dust. But he does "like" the way she treats him :)

amg800 09-19-2012 02:57 PM

Thank you all for you wonderful replies!!! So now I see that you can have a special bond but its just diffrent from what you see in movies and read in books. So a horse has its way of a special bond and you have your way of seeing a special bond!
AGAIN Thanks you all so much!:D

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