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SweetLittleLies 08-23-2008 10:54 PM

A torn Deeper Digital Flexor Tendon
I have a few questions about the deeper digital flexor tendon. But first I'll give some history so my questions make more sense.
My horse HWSweetLittleLies was shown country english pleasure at the national level for a few years. She tore her deeper digital flexor tendon in 2 places one day while in pasture. She was lame for a while. The vets said they didn't think she could show againm but in there next breath they said this is the type of injury that could heal over time. She is now no longer lame and is showing again on lower levels 4-h equestrian a few open shows. I would like to work at starting to show at a higher level to eventually quailfy for arab youth nationals. I was wondering if it would be to much on her leg? and also What the deeper digital flexor tendon does, and how severe an injury like that is. I would also like to no if she were to tear it agian( not that that will ever happen) if it would be able to be fixed agian.

Ryle 08-23-2008 11:22 PM

These articles might help to answer your questions.

As to whether or not your horse can step up to more work, that is best discussed with your vet who knows what kind of injury occured and should hopefully know how well it healed. He may recommend going ahead with an ultrasound prior to increasing the workload just to see exactly what shape the tendon is in now and then again after increasing work to see how it's holding up. This sort of plan can help you assess what is going on in the leg so that you can continue to work or decrease work as indicated by the ultrasound findings rather than ending up damaging the tendon again.

SweetLittleLies 08-23-2008 11:28 PM

Thanks that helps i'll talk to my vet about it when he comes back out.

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