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lily22 03-31-2007 12:29 AM

daily care...
I was just wondering if someone could give be a outline of a day in the life of a horse owner.....I'm new to this and I dont quite know where to start! I would like to keep my horse on my own property and I will have a barn. Thanks!

kristy 03-31-2007 12:41 AM

I would actually recommend boarding. You can pay a monthly rate and have someone care for your horse for you. If you have any problems, you can ask the owner or a knowledgeable horsey person to help. It can be a good place to learn with a lot of resources. Keeping a horse at home can be so much responsibility. If you'd still like to consider your horse at your house, I'd be happy to help and try to find some information online for you.

kvmt10 03-31-2007 08:02 PM

I keep my horses on my property and here is a general outline of the care I do daily.

7am i will go out and feed them their breakfast feed, either hay or hard feed. I will give them fresh water, take off their rugs if it is warm, or do a check under the rugs if it is cold(for injuries etc).

8am I take them down to their day paddock. check they have enough water for the day and that there are no dangerous objects in the paddock. check fences etc.

3pm I will get the horse I wish to ride that day ready, groom and saddle, take him into the arena and work him for a good 1/2 to an hour.

4pm cool horse down, either wash(warm weather) or brush him down, rug him up for the night and put him in their night paddock.

retrieve the other horses and put them in their night paddock. rug them up for the night.

5pm check water, pick up manure in both paddocks, check over all the horses, check paddocks.

6pm, feed them their nightly feed, usually a hard feed.

10pm last check, check horses are comfortable etc, and give them each a biscuit of hay.

There you go, thats a day in the life of a horse owner!!! well at least one that has them on their own land!!

Hope it helps!

crackrider 04-02-2007 03:45 AM

This is what it'sl ike for me on weekends and in the holidays:

5am - Get up, feed my mare and travel to my endurance stables.

5:30am - Arrive at stables and help feed horses

6am - clean tack or do odd jobs around the farm until it's time to ride

6:30am - Other riders arrive and we check what horses we are down to ride ( we have a big white board hanging in the barn that has all the horses and who's going to ride them on it). We then catch, groom and saddle our horses.

7am - Head out on a trail (usually anywhere from 10km to 20km). Depending on how fit the horses we are on, we go fast or slow.
This ride can take anywhere from 2hrs to 3 or 4hrs.

Approx. 10am - Arrive back at barn and unsaddle and wash sweat off. The horses ae then toweled dry and turned out into their paddock.

10:30am - Some of the riders go home. Others catch more horses and saddle them up.

11am - we head out again and do much the same thing as before but usually not as long.

12:30pm - Arrive back a barn. Wash horses, towel dry and turn out.

1pm - Now we head into town and get lunch pick up any saddelry we neede,etc

2pm - Back at barn we clea tack again or do jobs around the place.

5pm - Feed horses and rug for the night

5:30pm - Head home.

6pm - arrive home and feed my own horse.

In the holidays i do this every 2nd or 3rd day.
When school is on we ride only once a day and usually after school but otherwise it is much the same.

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