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gothicangel69 09-20-2012 12:31 PM

Being eaten by the inside out...
I'm starting to get discouraged and depressed lately. I have been trying to get my heart horse back for 6 years, and keep comming out empty handed. I have been searching EVERY day (browsing through ads, making phone calls, etc) for 6 YEARS and still cannot find my friend. I feel like I'm a failure. I promised him when I had to leave, that I would find him and bring him home, not matter what. I had given him to my friend as my family had to move out of the area and could not afford to board horse's where we were going. My sister managed to get a job, and brought her boy along, but I was too young and couldn't afford to pay for board. My friend sold him on me a few years later, and would not tell me where he was. I finally tracked down who she sold him to, but those owners had resold him because he had started bucking. I have traced him through 6 different owners, but each one says they just sold him a few months ago. I came to a dead end last november, and havn't picked up any leads since. I have been browsing adds, posting wanted notices, and making phone calls like crazy, but no one has seen him. I'm so worried that he got sent for dog food, or put down, and its literally eating me up inside that I can't find him, and don't even know if he's still alive. I've known my boy since he hit the ground, and more than half his life. The only thing I want in life is to get him back.
I'm sorry for such the long post, but I needed to get this off my chest, and would love to hear any success stories from anyone on here who have finally found a missing horse. He was my heart horse, and I just want him home some badly.
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LadyDreamer 09-20-2012 12:42 PM

Stay strong! Stay vigilant!
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DancingArabian 09-20-2012 12:46 PM

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Post everything you know on here and see if someone has a lead. Post a picture too and things like brands, scars, markings, tattoos, etc
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AlexS 09-20-2012 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by DancingArabian (Post 1690736)
Post everything you know on here and see if someone has a lead. Post a picture too and things like brands, scars, markings, tattoos, etc
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^^^ This! Also which area he was last known to be in.

Speed Racer 09-20-2012 01:00 PM

I'm sorry you can't find your friend, but you're going to have to face the fact that you may never know where he is, or what his ultimate fate turned out to be.

I'm not telling you to completely give up, but for your own sanity you may HAVE to. Sometimes we can't keep promises we made in good faith. This may be one of those times.

If he was registered you might have a better chance, but if he's grade you'll have just that much more difficulty. Grade horses can be extremely hard to track.

loveduffy 09-20-2012 02:13 PM

have you contacted netpose for help? they are very good at finding lost horses

AlexS 09-20-2012 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by loveduffy (Post 1690842)
have you contacted netpose for help? they are very good at finding lost horses

The horse isn't lost though, it was sold.

loveduffy 09-20-2012 02:24 PM

they help with both check them out it could not hurt

AshsStorm 09-20-2012 02:40 PM

I know exactly how you feel! I just posted my story on another thread and although I got some negative feedback, I think it will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. SpeedRacer is right though, you may never find him and although it tears your heart out, you have to give yourself some time accept that and to grieve. That moment came to me when I finally broke down and told my fiance how much it was eating me inside and he let me cry it out in his arms. It's hard to lose a best friend, especially when you don't know if he's being well taken care of, if he's happy, or even alive. When I finally found Stormy, I could not have imagined a better life for him when I sold him. It was nothing like the terrors I had imagined he'd been through (although he was passed around a lot too). He was on a private farm with 4 other horses, fat, happy, and although he wasn't what they were looking for, he was loved. There are success stories out there and by no means should you give up.. Just don't be so hard on yourself for having to sell him. That's what ate me alive for years. Guilt is more powerful than some people realize.

Here's my story.. Maybe I can give you some hope for a brighter future..

gothicangel69 09-20-2012 04:52 PM

Thanks for all the encouragement. I do understand that I may never find him, but I just cannot let myself give up yet.
I've posted on Kijiji and a facebook group for the area that helps find horses (both stolen, and one's that have been sold).
I never thought to post his info on here, but I guess there's no harm in it. I'll check out netposse too- i thought it was only for stolen horses, which is not the case here.
He's 11/12 years old, and is an appy/ draft cross. He's around 16hh (can't remember exactly), has a lopsided star and half stripe, and a few white spots on each shoulder from an ill-fitting saddle. Last known location was in NB Canada, and he was going by the name Sir Chevington. His birth name was Kidder.

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