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buckysadventures 09-20-2012 02:47 PM

"Ode to a Horse"
Once a boy knelt down to pray,
"Please just one wish," he cried,
"I want a horse, oh please someday,
a good one I can ride."
Many nights in his dreams,
He would ride alone,
across those hills and mountain streams,
Somewhere far away from home.
He grew up and near forgot,
but something deep inside:
those dreams inside just would not,
forget that prayer he cried.
So God gave him a spotted horse,
the best that there could be,
and that ole horse changed the course
of that man's history.
They crossed those high cold mountain streams,
and rode through valley's green and lush;
they made memories out of dreams
that still give his heart a rush.
Then that horse, so full of years,
died on winter's day.
And that old man, streaming tears,
fell upon his knees to pray.
He said, "Thank you Lord for what you've done,
but with words, where do I begin?
So, please, just let that ole horse play and run,
till we can ride again."
Written by Patrick Tyre for Rockin Rodeo, copywritten 2012

Patrick Tyre and Rocky rode from Delaware to Texas in 1993. It took them 5 months to cover 1500 miles. They met many wonderful and amazing people with stories to share. Patrick has now returned to Texas, age 55, to ride his rescued horse, Bucky from Texas to California. To finish that dream that him and Rocky never got to finish. Why? To live life to its fullest, to enjoy the smells and sounds of nature, to study and from learn history, and to meet people and share stories. The stories you don't hear on the evening news about the struggles and joys of every day life!!! Join us on facebook and Bucky's Adventures as Bucky tours America. He is somewhere between Houston and Austin Texas as we speak, getting ready to start his adventures.

timonlionking 11-20-2015 02:59 PM

This is great

JumpthatOxer 02-26-2016 08:40 PM

I love this.

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