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Horsecrazy4ever 09-21-2012 01:09 PM

Is my mare in foal?
here is my story:

In June(of this year) I brought my 21 yr. old QH mare to a private farm to get her bred to their QH stud. We counted down to when she was supposed to go into heat and brought her to the stud's 1 day before she was due to come into heat. She was then placed in a corral next to the stud and was left there for 3-4 days. She did NOT come into a visible heat. So the stud owner just turned his gentle stud in with my mare on the 5th day and she didn't want anything to do with him. He said that nothing happened.... so we waited 5 more day's and she still hadn't went into heat. So we brought her home.. It's been THREE months and she still hasn't come into heat.

What's wrong with her? Is she just done having foals?

COULD she be possibly bred??

Please comment and tell me your opinion/experience!


Speed Racer 09-21-2012 01:10 PM

What does your vet say?

Horsecrazy4ever 09-21-2012 01:13 PM


Originally Posted by Speed Racer (Post 1691990)
What does your vet say?

I haven't taken her to the vet since we brought her to the stud's.... She did have a full examination a month before breeding her and the vet said she was just fine and OK to have a foal.

NdAppy 09-21-2012 01:15 PM

Call a vet. No one on here can tell you if she is bred or not or if she has some other medical issue.

Annanoel 09-21-2012 01:55 PM

Call the vet! Everyone can give opinions all day long, only the vet can really let you know what's going on.

Horsecrazy4ever 09-21-2012 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Annanoel (Post 1692031)
Call the vet! Everyone can give opinions all day long, only the vet can really let you know what's going on.

I called a few min. ago, but they were on lunch... so I'll have to call again later.

Will post on here what I find out.

MyLittlePonies 09-21-2012 02:43 PM

Yep, I'd ask the vet. Unless the stud owner has been wtih them 24/7 night and day, there's no definite answer without an ultrasound or exam.

tinyliny 09-21-2012 02:48 PM

Don't many mares stop having cycles about that age?

MyLittlePonies 09-21-2012 02:50 PM

I don't know. All mine cycled till they passed.

barrelbeginner 09-29-2012 12:32 AM

"They do eventually lose their fertility, but it varies a lot from mare to mare. Some are done by their late teens and some can still be bred until their mid twenties. However, this is not menopause like human women get. Their infertility is due to chronic degenerative/inflamitory changes of the uterus. Techinically, if none of this happens to them, they could go into heat until they die, but this rarely happens."

Im quoting this from the internet:) would love to hear what the vet has to say:)

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