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valleychick2121 08-24-2008 05:12 PM

Getting down to a feedable level, Lots of pics. . .
hello. I currently have 5 horses and believe that is a bit too high level to feed this winter, so I want to find them good homes where someone wont have a problem keeping them fat and sassy.

My pasture is just terrible and is being overgrazed (5 acre pasture with 4 horses, and two donkeys in it!!!) I do supplement with round bales of coastal hay, but good hay is outrageous and i refuse to buy less that great quality hay, so I've decided that its time to let them go.

I have a broodmare who is Texas Acredited (which means that if you breed her to another TA horse, and the foal places at a race, you get an extra jackpot, since it was born and raised in Texas). She would also throw an unbelievable barrel horse. She has Dash for Cash, Top Moon, Triple Chick all on her papers, and is also a Streakin Six granddaughter! She also has Cherry Lake, who is a hall of fame TB broodmare on her papers! She does have a scar on her right front knee (I don't know what its from, but my farrier thought that she probably did it before her training began because she was never tattoed) , so her knee isn't flat, but she is sound on it and it will never be a problem other than i don't think she is rideable (spelling?). She is a really sweet mare, but is the boss at feeding time. I'm asking $1500 for her, although i will discount if you are buying more than one and shes going to a great home. Here is a pic:

The next horse i have for sale is a really cute 5 y/o grade QH mare. She was really thin when i got her and had a foal on her as well. I sold the foal to a good home, and now i have to find a home for Momma. She is Greenbroke to ride, no buck/bite/rear/kick but like i said, she is green and needs some miles. I started her and she is doing great. She has been ridden 9 times over the last month and a half just lightly. (Walk/Trot no loping). She will go with light pressure and stops pretty well, you just set her hands and she'll stop (she sometimes runs through the bit, but thats natural at the time. She will also back from the same hand position as you stop her in. Once she is completely stopped, you just ask her to go, cluck, and she backs nicely. She doesn't get mad about not understanding something and is really sweet natured, although she is hard to catch, since I haven't spent any bonding time with her.

she was running in a pasture with a buckskin stud, who was really great looking, although I was hoping she wasn't bred. I had her vet checked this July and she was about 3 1/2 to 4 months along, which is why she doesn't have a lot of hard work to do. I'm asking $500 to the right home. She would be great as a teenagers trail horse, because it doesn't take much to get her to do what you ask, and she is still green. She has picked up a lot of her weight, but still has prolly another 50-100lbs to pick up before she looks great. Here is a pick of her:

And lastly, I have my baby girl up for sale, to a special home. She was born and raised with me and i was hoping to keep her, but have found that I'm not going to be able to spend a lot of time with her, and she really just loves people, so I feel bad. She gives kisses, lunges, flexes, puts her head between her front legs, saddles, trims and clips well (shes still a little funky about her ears, but my clippers broke recently, so have to wait a while to continue that, although she is pretty tolerable about it if you are patient)... You can jump at her (haven't gotten on her, but jumped on her sides and butt. I have put my 3 y/o nephew on her and lead him around, she trailers well, ponies off other horses at all gaits, etc. I was going to take her next year and do rail classes, but to be honest, i doubt i could afford it, especially since i have my filly i want to rein on. If you live in Texas, you can bring her back next year and I will break her for free, since shes my baby. Im asking $1000 for her, but since they really need to go, I will take offers on all and will go a package discount. Here is a pic when she was little, don't have any recent that are pretty good shots and can't get any for a while until i find my camera (if i find it!):

This is her at 12 hours old:

Six days old:

11 days old:

8 weeks old:

And 7-8months old.

valleychick2121 08-24-2008 05:18 PM

oops, I forgot to mention, that if you are interested in any of these horses, please email me at or call me at (903) 467 8723. Thank you!

FutureVetGirl 08-24-2008 05:46 PM


I'd be VERY interested in them... in one year. That's when I'm going to be back in Texas for one whole year (my junior year of high school)... and probably longer (for my senior year of high school).

The five year old mare would probably be the kind of horse I would be looking for... there is no way you couldn't keep her for another year? :P jk

Are they all (but the foal) trained in Western? Or English? I've ridden primarily English, but since my cousins and grandparents ride Western primarily, I'd be willing to switch over.

I'd love to hear updates on them, which ones got sold, which ones are still with you, etc. :D

valleychick2121 08-24-2008 05:57 PM

Lol, I sure wish you were living here now. If you just wanted a horse you could ride for a year, I'd let you take Flame (the 5 y/o green broke mare) under contract, so you could ride her if you kept up with her care, then gave her back when you had to return home. She is ridden western right now, but She also already knows how to break at the poll. She will do it almost immediately at the stop/walk, although you have to ask her a couple times when trotting. The other horses aren't broke.. The one has a scar, idk if she would stay sound for riding, you'd have to go to the vet and see, and the other is only 16 months old right now, so isn't anywhere near the point where you can ride her without hurting her. I will definitely keep up with them for you. Im going to be posting their ads on different websites that list ads and such. And hey, Im still going to have two yearlings for next year, so i might have something you can borrow, considering if i think the horse is safe or not, lol.

FutureVetGirl 08-24-2008 06:02 PM

haha... I'd actually love to take her for good, because I'll most likely be staying two years, and then going off to college, and college isn't too far away (still in TX). Still wish I were there... *sigh*

Here are a couple more questions:

Where in TX are you? When I go back I'll be primarily in the TX/Katy area, though we'll occasionally be going out to Hamilton or College Station now and again.

If I do have her, I'd probably be keeping her at my grandparent's house. They have cattle... as well as a few Quarter Horses. She'd be with the Quarter Horses, not the cattle. How is she around "strange" horses? Primarily geldings? Because all of the QH's there are geldings...

geewillikers 08-24-2008 06:52 PM

How old is the broodmare?

valleychick2121 08-24-2008 06:58 PM

FVG, I live in the Dawson area, which is a really small hick town with like, 800 or less people in it. I live outside of the actual town on about 16 acres of land with my Mom (Im only 18 so i'll still gladly be her baby until Im well started off in College).

And GW, Nona, the race bred mare, is 10 y/o I believe. Here is a link to her ad on horseville (its a GREAT site)

You can also look up her pedigree on under Three Nonnies. Lol, I didn't even know how well she was bred until i typed up the ad. I might have to make a sacrifice and keep her to breed next year if she doesn't sell by October.

FutureVetGirl 08-25-2008 05:17 AM

Haha... you're more up towards Dallas. I have cousins up there... so I might be able to sneak my way towards where you are by saying I'm going to visit my cousins... :wink:

I'm not FULLY serious about buying a horse at the moment, I'll become more serious as next spring and summer roll around. I'll continue to keep an eye on Flame... but if you get an offer, and you think it's a good home, DON'T keep her for me! There are a lot of horses around... so I'll find a good one. :D

valleychick2121 08-25-2008 02:57 PM

K, thats no prob. Im going to have two yearlings to break by then, lol. I'm hoping that my bond with them will make it easier on me and they won't buck! I swear i think about it constantly. I've met my dream horse and she isn't old enough to ride! I'll keep you posted on all of them here. I've put an ad on horseville for all of them and had an email from a guy on all three. I replied to the first one before I realized he had written the same thing over and over on all of them, so when the failure notice came that the email didn't go through, i didn't bother replying again.

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