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HorsesRForever 09-23-2012 12:56 AM

What Horse Breed/Conformation Would Be Best For Endurance And Overall??
I've been looking at horses, but I haven't found "the one" yet. I want a horse breed that is known for high energy and has a spark. There has never been a horse that is too high-spirited for me. I know how to stay on and handle the speed. My trainers are hoping for the day that I fall off one just so they can tell me, "I told you so." In fact, I won 200 bucks for one of those random fair challenges on the fake bull, ha ha. What a moment :)

I plan on competing in endurance, trail riding competitions and other ground involved sports. I'll mainly just be using this horse for my own personal companion than hardcore competition like A Circuit or constant jumpers (of course I might occasionally enter). However, I'm interested in eventing. Also, I think western reigning is really fun. I'm short at 5'3, light, but I like a tall horse.

What conformation should I look for? Any specific breeds you think would be best? I've always been a dog sport person, so I have a dog eye.

Thank you.

Cowboy Ringo 09-23-2012 03:04 AM

If your looking for a comfortable ride, id have to go with the Kentucky Mountain horse or Tennessee Walking Horse, if you want something that will just go go go no matter what your looking at an Arabian. Morgans are another good choice.

However, for competetions, Arabians are a little unique. For example, did you know they had one less rib, and 2 less vertibras? Only horses like that to my knowledge, however, ive never had one.

My specialty is in TWH and KMH, and trail wise, i dont think you could ask for anything better.

Lwhisperer 09-23-2012 03:15 AM

If you want one that has a "need for speed" I'd go with a Thoroughbred. Be very careful when looking, though. Many Thoroughbreds have confirmational flaws and/or old injuries if they were raced at some point. My first horse was a Thoroughbred and she was a spitfire, even at the age of 19. We did barrel racing, trail riding, etc... They can tend to be nervous and flighty, but it sounds like you wouldn't mind that much. Neither did I. She was a fantastic horse with tons of heart. :smile:

Spotted 09-23-2012 03:21 AM

I mostly own Appy's. But my Arab/QH (wouldn't trade for anything ) could go all day.
However I love my Appy's dispositons, nothing fizzes them.
Sooo How about an ARAPALOOSA (calm, but go go go and attractive looking )
you get the whole package!

HorsesRForever 09-23-2012 03:55 AM

Thank you so much for the replies! So helpful!

I actually have a question, kind of stupid, but again, I've been a dog show person for all of my life. Does a horse have to be pre-registered for it to be entered in a show? For dogs, they have to have a pedigree with registered parents, grandparents, etc for them to be shown in certain sports, like conformation or field trials (AKC rule reference). However, I can take any dog (mix, purebred, registered, not registered, etc) and register it in AKC then compete in a large range of other performance sports. What about the horse world? What organizations and how would I register a horse do I need one already with papers?

So, I was thinking Arabian or cross, but do you think they will be bad for western sports? Could they handle eventing? Thoroughbreds were also on my list. I read about the conformation problems. How hard would it be to find a nice one? Also, could they handle the sports I'm interested in?

So, conformation wise, I should be looking for something with powerful back legs, right? Ah, I only know basic horse conformation and all dog conformation knowledge.

Bobthebuilder 09-23-2012 08:20 AM

At the risk of sounding totally biased, I'd say go for an akhal teke.
They're imo better than the arabians at endurange- their paces are not only more comfortable, but more efficient.
They're super easy to teach and will do anything- they're good jumpers, they're brave and again- SO easy to teach. Several times my mare learned the dressage test (T.T)
They also (as far as I know) bigger than most arabs.

They're not for everyone- a lot of people see their conformation and balk, which personally I think has a lot to do with the fact that they're not very common. If you're a dog person- think of them as greyhounds of the horse world :)

Lwhisperer 09-23-2012 02:01 PM

They have shows that are breed specific, and those usually require the horse to be registered with that certain breed. But in most areas you can find lower level shows that don't require papers. Most people start with those and then work their way up... If you're really interested in showing long-term, you should probably look for one that is registered.

I agree with Bobthebuilder, Akhal Tekes are really cool horses. I don't know if it's the same in your area, but here in the Midwestern USA they are very hard to come by and PRICEY. As long as you don't rush your buying experience, you could find a nice Arab cross or Thoroughbred for a decent price pretty easily.

As far as confirmation goes, do you have a friend who is experienced with horses? I'm not terribly knowledgeable with confirmation so I had a friend help me out while I searched for my horse. Also, many people post pictures of their prospective buys on this forum to get opinions from the many experienced people here.

Hope this helps a little!

FeatheredFeet 09-23-2012 03:32 PM

In the for sale section here, there is an ad for a 'powerhouse mare'. She might suit you.


blue eyed pony 09-23-2012 03:42 PM

Arabians can make awesome eventers. I have a friend who has one, and he is her eventing pony. All of 14.2hh and they do awesomely together.

My horse is an Anglo Arabian, and he's awesome. Some of them are real spitfires, but mine is quiet. They come in all heights from 14hh right the way to 17hh+ and are awesome, versatile mounts. The best of both worlds, ideally - the looks and intelligence of the Arabian, with the speed of the TB, and stamina from both. My lad is very cowy and with training could have been a cutter... I think he's done some stock work at some point in his life, but then, he's done a bit of everything.

Tekes can be awesome eventers but yes, pricey. Morgans are good too - I have another friend who has a Morgan and he is a real high-strung, nervous thing, but can jump the moon and is an awesome allround performer.

The other thing you might consider is a warmblood. The same friend who has the little Arabian has a big 17hh warmblood who is incredibly versatile. He has been proven as a showjumper under a professional rider, has the potential to event up to around 1* (but too slow to make time any higher on XC), makes an awesome dressage horse... is hot and hard to handle unless he's fed oats.

Many, MANY warmbloods are not easy rides, and you sound like you want a challenge :) A large number of warmbloods are bred for talent and high levels of intelligence, but some breeders seem to forget about trainability and ammie-friendly factor. If you've ever watched footage of Hickstead jumping, you'll understand what I'm on about - talent and then some, but NOT an easy ride. I have seen clips of him where his TOP PROFESSIONAL RIDER could barely control him.

riccil0ve 09-23-2012 04:00 PM

It really depends on the horse, some QH's are hot brats and some Arabs are plugs. In general though, I would suggest an Arab. They have spirit, are pretty good all around horses and super smart.

All that said, you say you can stick it but that doesn't necessarily mean you're a good, efficient rider. Most Arabs are going to be more sensitive and reactive, they will usually need someone who can be a quiet, soft, and steady rider.

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