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Delfina 09-24-2012 12:22 AM

Dogs and livestock don't mix!!
I don't hate dogs, I really don't. I have an absolutely wonderful BullMastiff who would never, ever, ever chase my livestock. Kinda helps that he's terrified of chickens, terrified of goats, respects horses and is downright tail-tucked scared of mooing cows.

My boarder brought her dog today, she thought it was funny to get him to chase bunnies (wild ones who live in gigantic quantities under my sheds).... well he got really tired of chasing extremely fast bunnies and thought a very fat, fluffy chicken would be great! :evil:

He didn't catch any but he scared every single chicken out of it's mind and they all ran away and HID. I spent close to two hours looking for chickens with 2 hysterically sobbing kids. Boarder offered to "replace" any missing chickens. She didn't get that it's not 20 chickens.... it's Lucky, Chirps, Bella, Rainbow Feathers, Ducky Waddle, Brownie, Midnight, Speedy, Fluffy Mc Fluffers, Snowball, Frizzie, Chocolate, Midnight Jr, Feathers, Dog Food, Black Star, BlueJay, Chicken Joe, The Twins and so on.... I hauled chickens out of the hay stack, the goat house, the cow shed, way at the end of the horse pasture and finally found the last chicken Fluffy Mc Fluffers way out in the cow pasture, terrified and shaking under some tall weeds.

I then look up and see the neighbor's freakin dogs out chasing my calves! :evil:

And during the insanity, I missed the phone call from my dad that he was going in for emergency heart surgery. I was able to talk to my Mom and he's in recovery and doing ok but was upset he didn't get to talk to me or my girls before they took him in

riccil0ve 09-24-2012 12:42 AM

Oh geeze, what a horrid dog! They sure aren't all bad but that's absurd. This lady should have better control over/training on her animal. I hope you told her that her dog wasn't allowed back.

So glad you found all your chickens and everyone is unharmed!

paintedpastures 09-24-2012 12:45 AM

Well not so much the Dogs but Dog owners that don't control or train their dogs.

faye 09-24-2012 02:35 AM

In think it should be more that uncontrolled dogs and livestock do not ix.

i have 2 golden retrievers, both are very respectful of horses, terified of cows, Prince wont look twice at sheep, Gem would love to chase sheep but doesnt as he knows he isnt allowed.
They both chase bunnies however wouldnt drea of chasing the neighbours chickens. Gem did however bring me a live duck once that he had retrieved from the pond (wild), it was totaly unharmed and he gave e a disgusted look when I let it go again!

peppersgirl 09-24-2012 09:51 AM

It irks me when people wont train their dogs!

I have a red heeler that is awesome at chasing bunnies, and she can catch mice better than our 3 USELESS barn cats:) we encourage her to do those things! As far as chasing the neighbors cows, she is sort of scared of them at the moment, but is starting to get some nerve up..if it ever gets to the nipping chasing stage, we have a shock collar. She follows us on the horses, and has nipped before, but again the shock collar worked wonders with making that not an appealing proposition.

peppersgirl 09-24-2012 09:55 AM

oh btw i love that you named all of your chickens and i hope they are ok!

If I caught a neighbors dog harrassing my livestock, they would get one chance to fix the issue... If i have to fix the issue it wont end well for the offending dog.

AbsitVita 09-24-2012 10:23 AM

As a dog owner I feel I am responsible and liable for the disasters and damage they may wreak, hence why I ALWAYS leash them outside of the house, especially if we take them for a ride. Little Aries has been known to roll the window all the way down to hang himself if we forget to engage the lock. The leash has saved him from falling out of the car many a times. If we plan to be around other dogs, a leash is a must. If we go to check out boarding stables, per pending purchase of Bria, we leave the dogs at home. I'm sorry about your ditzy boarder, Delfina. Perhaps you should post a visible sign post stating that dogs MUST be on a leash...hope it helps. One more thing to add, I lived in Missouri before I lived here. Beef cattle are abundant. I had a pit bull who was as gentle as can be, until a stray dog who looked like Old Yeller showed up. He taught her to roam and how to chase cattle, for a few months before taking off in the sunset. Luckily, my pittie Lola was spayed. A couple of months pass by and a neighbor of ours pulls up and Lola jumps out the back of his truck, he knew it was my dog and he tells me I have two choices:

A) shoot her myself
b) wait for her to chase cattle again and get shot by someone without good aim and have her run off, bleeding and dying slowly in a field somewhere.

I loaded up a small caliber rifle and put her down myself that night. It hurt like hell, but it was the right thing to do.

faye 09-24-2012 10:35 AM

AbsitVita - You had anouther option - stop her chasing cattle in the first place
be that by leashing her, getting her a run for outside that she cant jump out of or by shocck collar

our last golden retriever used to chase sheep (we are in wales, sheep country) we solved it by attaching him to a long line every time he went out of the house.

Our westie was stopped from chasing sheep by putting him in a pen with some rams. He got a beating from them and never chased sheep again in his life

AbsitVita 09-24-2012 10:49 AM

My roomies and I tried: she would chew through the plastic and the cable on the long lines, she climbed fences and even chewed through a kennel similar to the one I included in this post and got through the hole she'd made! I even tried to rehome her, nobody wanted her. I tried retraining, attaching her to a lead and using a hose to spray her with water if she started to go toward our borrowed cow.....nothing worked.

GhostwindAppaloosa 09-24-2012 11:29 AM

We dont allow our boarders to bring pets. They are there to see horses.. not dogs. :)

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