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DuffyDuck 09-24-2012 09:44 AM

What should I be expecting? -new yard/trainer-
Sadly, or fortunately, I moved yards on Saturday.
I was supposed to be moving in a week with my dad and his mare and a friend, but the treatment of our horses was horrific as soon as we gave our months notice to the point of outright cruelty.

So we moved. Lovely yard, Dubai is now turned out HURRAH and spent yesterday prancing around.. wish I had my phone to film it, his trot looked... amazeballs.

I lunged and rode him yesterday and the little wonder didn't put a foot wrong. I am stoked to think of competitions!

So, new yard, new trainer.

First lesson is this evening, and new trainer has trained and ridden and won 3yo championships.. back in the day.

She seems extremely competent, and is very excited to work with Dubai and I, and I have asked her to sit on him, see what she feels, and what we need to work on- that will most likely happen this evening.

At his age, and basic w/t/c what should I be expecting of him, and what should I be looking out for training wise? I don't want a rushed horse into a pushed frame.

I should also add that I am only at this yard for 10-12 months before the whole of this camp moves to another part of Germany...

faye 09-24-2012 09:58 AM

Congrats, I too have just moved yard (as in yesterday) due to conditions at the yard deteriorating.
I gave a weeks notice just as the YO was going away on holiday as I felt it safer to do it that way. I've also not told the YO the real reason I left.

Reeco wasnt broken untill he was 4 and we are still working on the W/T/C thing. But i have started teaching him to leg yield, lengthen and shorten (not yet asking him to extend/collect as that would be too much for him) and we had had good results in 2 dressage tests before his accident.

Here is the link to my moving thread:
Photos to be added tonight

kitten_Val 09-24-2012 10:16 AM

"Yards" made me laugh (yes, yes, I know there is a language difference! :lol: ).

I think it's awesome he'll get turnout (I'm all for lots of turnout). Wish you best luck at the new place and with the new trainer! Don't forget to post pics!

DuffyDuck 09-24-2012 10:32 AM

Lol sorry Val ;)

Our yard as far as they knew...we were moving because its cheaper at the new place. What they dont know cant hurt them! However we arent the first and nor the last.

I nearly cried when they said they would turn him out and I went down yesterday to find him in the so happy!

I think my main opinion will be formed after this evenings ride... how she instructs and how he responds. He is such an easy going horse I hope his attitude stays as a nice blustry storm has just hit haha
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~*~anebel~*~ 09-24-2012 10:35 AM

IMO I hope the trainer does not diddle around. The hardest thing with breaking a horse so young is that no one wants to push the horse to actually do anything, and then when it comes time to push the horse, he gets very angry. Horses need always to have expectations on them or else when they appear, the horse does not want to work. I'm riding a horse now who has been undersaddle for 30-40 rides, he is 5, and he does leg yields, turns on the forehand, w/t/c on a contact, he understands the connection, steers from weight, goes and stops off the seat and hacks out with traffic, galloping horses in adjacent fields and other assorted scary things (tarps and such).
With a 3 year old, I would get a good w/t/c with a contact and then turn the horse out in a big field for winter and "re break" at 4. With no diddling.

Good luck at the new yard and the new trainer! Hoping that you and Dubai can get some great training in :)
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kitten_Val 09-24-2012 11:04 AM


Originally Posted by DuffyDuck (Post 1694795)
I nearly cried when they said they would turn him out and I went down yesterday to find him in the so happy!

Why?? I think it's much healthier for them to have more natural environment. Plus it keeps those muscles working. I know some people are afraid they can hurt themselves (yeah, they do sometime), but even very fancy barns I know of in my area have daily turnout for all citizens.

thesilverspear 09-24-2012 11:11 AM

Agree with what Anebel said about not diddling.

The horse I told you about that I've been working with was broken in about two years ago and diddled about with on and off ever since, and the most challenging thing with her now is developing a basic work ethic. I'm enjoying working with her, but she's kind of a lesson in how not to break in a horse, as at this stage she's a bit more of a mess to sort out than something that was broken in properly and trained consistently from the start.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear you've moved away from your crazy barn and your lad is getting turn out.

At his age, I would like basic walk/trot/canter, leg yields, turn on the forehand. Not too much lateral stuff though, as that's harder on their still developing joints. I would also want the horse to both accept the contact (not necessarily in a frame, but softening to the hand and most importantly, not resisting) and also be able to go comfortably on a loose rein. I want the horse relaxed and forward and able to maintain a fairly steady rhythm. Can I underline that? That's the most important bit. If they're relaxed and forward and moving in a rhythm, you have a great base from which to teach it just about anything you want. Most of the problems I see come from people who haven't established relaxation, rhythm, and forward. From the videos I've seen of Dubai, he seems pretty solid in that department. So keep it up. :)

faye 09-24-2012 11:17 AM

Kitten_val, I believe Dubai was not being turned out at the previous yard as he had only recently been cut. From My understanding Duffy wants him turned out as much as possible but the yards in germany are not known for thier love of turnout!

kitten_Val 09-24-2012 11:32 AM


Originally Posted by faye (Post 1694831)
Kitten_val, I believe Dubai was not being turned out at the previous yard as he had only recently been cut. From My understanding Duffy wants him turned out as much as possible but the yards in germany are not known for thier love of turnout!

Thanks for explaining, Faye! I do understand it's a different country so approach/rules may be different from what I'm used to.

DuffyDuck 09-24-2012 04:13 PM

It was happy tears Val ;) He is a 3yo horse, and being cooped up in his stable apart from when I was down there.. NOT fair!!

Well the ride was brilliant. Lunged him first as always, and we have had some pretty heavy storms hit here today, wind was howling but he didn't pay any attention.

Annette watched me, and then said 'He comes in to a lovely outline.. but he shouldn't be'
I discussed what the previous trainer had been asking us to do in our lessons, and she said too much too soon. He doesn't have the muscle or the correct use of his hind legs as of yet to have him in such a position, he needs a lot more long and low and to walk more forwards and free in a walk to open his back, and keeping him forward in a trot is fine, but not to let him run with me.

Also, my upper body position is preeeeetttyyy shabby, so we worked on that too.

They say the proof is in the pudding and I could feel a more relaxed horse under me at the end, the walk was forward and had more swing without being confined and boxy.

Also, sugar cubes have become our best friend. Well.. actually she tried to feed him one and he spat it back out, so I had to feed it to him, but he got the idea to start chewing and salivating.

I like how she explains why I am doing something, rather than just telling me.

She told me as a younger rider she worked with 3yo stallions, breaking in and training for sale and riding the YH competitions. She knows her stuff, and is very fair on the horses.

I can honestly say diddling is not allowed.. she wants me to be more active with my legs on him and ride him, not act as more of a passenger.

It will come with time.. he's been mine for 2 1/2 months now, plus time after his op and not riding every day of the week means we haven't done a huge amount.

She is getting on him next Monday in our lesson.

Says he has a superb mind, loves taking him out to the field in the morning- he just mooches along, calm as you like and settles down after a quick hooly. I swear that horse wraps everyone around his hoof ahaha!!

Onwards and upwards from here!

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