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badgerface 09-25-2012 12:21 AM

Looking for a Certain Miniature Horse -USA
Back in September 2008 (2007?), I met up with a black tobiano miniature stallion at a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. At the time I was unable to afford to buy him as he was for sale at the time... now that it clearly not the case! I believe that he sold at the Chickasha Auction later in September 2008. Even if he is not for sale, I would really like to know how he is doing. If he does happen for sale, count me in as a buyer who would take him on leisurely trail hikes and spoil him to bits (in a good way!). ^^

If you have any information about Arabesque Apache Onyx Moon, a 2005 black pinto stallion (or maybe gelding!). Please do not hesitate to contact me at Please do not send me spam though! I just want to find this horse and no other at the moment. If you do have him in your care and are interested in selling him; I would need to have some photos of him before I go and check out the horse. c:

Arabesque Apache Onyx Moon
2005, Black Pinto, 27", AMHA/AMHR
(Lucky 17 Super Chargers Apache Moon X Amber Oaks Abit Fancy)



WickedNag 09-25-2012 10:37 AM

Have you called the AMHR or AMHA association to see if they will tell you? I can do a search on the AQHA site since I am a member not sure if you can on either of the other registries. But my best friend is a member of both and I can ask her she said to go to miniature horse talk .com and talk to them about looking him up in the stud book. They should be able to help you.

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