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beau159 09-25-2012 11:22 AM

OT: So proud of my Shotgun.
So this really doesn't have anything to do with barrels, but we all seem to know each other's horses here so I just wanted to share how proud I am of my yearling colt Shotgun! He's been acting even more mature than Red (at age 6).

He got moved to where I board on Wednesday. He had a trailer ride all by himself for the first time in my parents big stock trailer. And waiting on the trailer for about 2 hours while we made a stop at Menards. He did SO good!

When we got to the barn, I unloaded him and he looked around a little bit, but went right into eating grass as if its no big deal. I suppose he was a little hungry after his trailer ride.

I led him into the corral and walked the perimeter with him. He walked calmly the entire time even with strange horses around and in a strange place. He was a little scared of the water fountain and the hay feeders (inside out tractor tires), but I just gave him a moment and he figured out they were fine.

Over the weekend I've been playing with him with an umbrella (pretty scary to him when it opens with the button, but he stood his ground), walking through human-sized doors, ropes, and about anything else I can find to show him.

On Sunday, I practiced loading him into a 3-horse slant trailer with rear tack. He's only been loaded in a big open stock trailer so far. He walked right up in there with me, munched on some hay, and then calmly backed out one foot at a time where I asked him to place it. When he was 4 legs out, I asked him to come back in and he hopped right up. And then backed out one foot at a time again. I didn't close the butt bar, but figured I'd save that for the next session.


I am over-joyed happy with him! He is so mature. And really, he's been handled minimally up until this point. He's taken all these new exposures and new experiences like a champ.

I can't wait to get him riding next year as a 2-year-old. He's going to be a BIG boy and he's just got this awesome mature, calm mind right now.

I'll have to get some new pictures of him, but these were about two months ago when we were just playing with him and my mom's yearling in the pasture. Here's how he is bred: Ck Grey Meatball Quarter Horse
The people I bought him from are running some barrel horses by the same stallion and winning/placing at some BIG rodeos.

SorrelHorse 09-25-2012 03:50 PM

Grey Meatball! I love that name! :lol:

What a cutie. You must post more pictures. :)

beau159 09-25-2012 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by SorrelHorse (Post 1696458)
Grey Meatball! I love that name!

Oh God, I know.


They let their niece name a few of the colts every year (I know the people personally). Well she named mine "Meatball". My non-horsey husband thinks its hilarious. I just cringe.

I'm gonna dress him in hunter orange for his future barrel racing colors, so I figured Shotgun would fit.

Don't tempt me to post more pictures ...... because I will. :mrgreen:

This was the day we brought him home, last October.

Still have the stickers on their butts.

This was from a few months ago. My mom was riding around "chasing" them and playing with them on her horse.
Just having fun........ I was waiting and happened to catch it on camera.

SorrelHorse 09-25-2012 05:38 PM

Hahaha too cute...Though I must say I've been on the other end of a loose horse kicking at my horse and getting me in the leg...Scary stuff, brave lady. :lol:

Elizabeth Bowers 09-25-2012 06:00 PM

That's awesome!!! I'm glad to hear your boy is coming around!! My yearling is too (finally) LOL! Best of luck with him!!! He looks great by the way!!!!!! :-)

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