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hytecpony 09-25-2012 05:32 PM

AQH confused HUS Transitions and cues...need some help
First off- I'm new to this site, but I seriously need some opinions-advice-thoughts-etc.
Ive had my registered AQH for almost a year. He is 12 yrs old and is 17.2 HH, a gelding
sired from Indian Artifact. Hes had a lot of showing experience (HUS), gained some points and supposedly showed at Congress. We bought him from a neglect case, gained weight and muscle on him and are now trying to get him started up again for local showing. He has had some hoof problems but seems sound and loves to run through his paddock. Ever since we've had him though, ive always had a rough time trying to understand how to get him to move out under saddle. He side passes, walks out and levels his head really nicely. But whenever I ask him to jog or trot (tried many ways like squeezing, tapping heels, kicking, a crop, spurs, posting, using my weight..) he never seems to understand. He sometimes gets it. And other times throws a fit. He canters just by me picking up my hands and shifting weight. He also picks up trot and canter on a longe line just by clicking and "kissing". He has been very well trained and collects himself very well but we still cant figure out how to get him to move out comfortably and on cue. Please help!!!! Thanks!!

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