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MHFoundation Quarters 09-28-2012 08:42 AM

Parenting Funnies
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With the new parenting section, thought we might all enjoy a parenting funnies thread. A place to share and laugh at the things that only parents could appreciate.

This was posted on a mom's group I belong to, made me giggle.

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Poco1220 09-28-2012 09:46 AM

WickedNag 09-28-2012 09:55 AM

And maybe real life funnies??
son is 2, niece is almost 3. I am watching my niece and had the kids in the tub together. After their bathes they sat down in the hall and my son's towel fell apart. She looked at him and here is the converstation!
Niece "what is that?"
Son "my peter"
Niece "where did you get it?"
Son "my mom bought it for me at Kmart"
Niece "I really like it, my mom is going to buy me one on Sunday!"

almost 30 years later I still laugh....

MHFoundation Quarters 09-28-2012 10:30 AM

That's great WN!

A real one (I think I shared in the saloon but for those who didn't see it) my littlest nephew is 3 and quite the ladies man already. After my sister took him to his preschool meet the teacher night as they were leaving he says "Mommy, I wish all the boys in my class were girls."

My daughter when she was younger had a favorite word that I kind of miss hearing. She wasn't quite 2 when she started using it, I thought it was pretty funny but smart - definitely showed her little wheels were turning. If you'd say something like "Morgan, you are rotten." Her response was "No I AMN'T!"

WickedNag 09-28-2012 05:36 PM

MHFQ Too cute! Love true stories of little ones...

I will have to share another showing the apples doesn't fall to far from the tree.
Went to my aunt's house, lives outside of Minneapolis, we live in South Dakota.
Aunt to my son who was about 5: Hi I bet you don't remember me but I am your great Aunt Lois
Son waited a bit looked at her and said "Oh No You're not, Debbie (my sister) is my great aunt, you're just a plain ol aunt!

My grandmother died three years ago, my granddaughter said to me after I got of the phone. Grandma was she my grandma too? I said yes, honey she was she was your great grandma. She said no, grandma she couldn't be cause you are my great grandma!

Lockwood 09-28-2012 05:56 PM

These are funny! I have one too...
I used to have to drive my son to a lot of medical appointments in a big city when he was a toddler because he had been a preemie and was still trying to catch up to kids his age.
He wasn't one to parrot words adults would say and was always a quiet baby.
I never have been trilled with driving in large cities with 4 to 6 lanes of traffic each way, let alone as often as I was having to do it, so my patience was a little thin when someone completely cut me off and almost caused an accident.
Although my windows were up, in a knee-jerk reaction I said "*******!" in a loud voice while trying to regain control of my SUV.
I straightened up, regained my regular heartbeat, and kept driving.
About 1 or 2 minutes later I hear this small quiet voice say "Ahh Hoh..... ahh hoh... mahmy ... ahhh hoh!"
Up to this point he had only ever said mahmy (mommy) and buhbu (bubbles) and I was thrilled that after two years of speech therapy he finally parroted a word, but did it have to be *******?? :shock:
I groaned and laughed at the same time and all the way home (an hour) he just kept chirping "Ahh hoh."

I never cursed in front of him again. :oops:

Golden Horse 09-28-2012 06:05 PM

My son John, when he was small, would ask for a Twik, took us a while, but then got that if the packet a packet holds 2 Twik bars, so when you buy them they are Twix, when you and your brother share you have 1 Twik each.

I wouldn't mind but he was pre school at that stage.

OH, and we were in a rented place that had a coin op meter for the electric, **** thing was set so high that when it was cold and we were trying to warm the place I had to keep stacks of coins on hand. So John pipes up when we were in town one day, "Do you need to get coins for the money Eater" still the best description :lol:

tinyliny 09-28-2012 07:53 PM

My son asked me one day, "Mom, what's a looya"
"A what?"
"A looya. We learned a song in school today and it says that Glory had a looya. What is it?"

Glory Hallelueya (spell?) from The Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Chiilaa 09-28-2012 07:58 PM

My eldest is the one who makes me laugh. A few years ago, when he was about 3, we went through a drive-thru and the staff took their sweet time, then the order was completely wrong. Needless to say, I muttered a few choice words, but he didn't repeat them, so it was all good.

HOWEVER! The next time we went through that same drive-thru (about a month later) I hear a voice from the back seat - "Mummy, is this where the f***ing idiots live?"

Strawberry4Me 09-28-2012 08:05 PM

My daughter is 3, and we went out to dinner with some family a week or so ago. My aunt who has a large mole on her face was with us, and sitting next to my daughter. My daughter at one point turns to my Aunt, points at the mole, and asks "Whats that nipple for?"

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