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EquineCookies 09-28-2012 10:38 PM

Half pads - Fleece or ThinLine?
It's time to invest in a half pad!

Rosie has been off work for the past few weeks as she dropped a lot of weight at a show as a result of internal stress. Just lately she's been started up again, but she's much more resistant to trot and canter, in addition to tail wringing and dropping her back. She shows no back pain when being groomed, only when ridden. She did not show any of this prior or during to the show. All her tack fits her.

Both my coach/BO/past owner of Rosie and I think that her back is getting sensitive and that the saddle is putting too much pressure on her back, and that she needs a little extra cushion underneath to give her some more comfort. For the time being, I'll just use a western pad underneath, although I would greatly prefer to invest in a half pad.

I've done some research and my two current choices that I am easily able to get a hold of are fleece/sheepskin and ThinLine. Which would you recommend?
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verona1016 09-29-2012 01:10 AM

I just got a ThinLine for my horse. I just bought my saddle and had it flocked for my horse's shape, and the saddle fitter recommended getting something to help with shock absorption. She lent me a Fleeceworks pad to try out, but I didn't care for all the bulk it added. As I see it, the saddle fits him very well right now, and I don't like the idea of adding a bunch of stuff under the saddle; the sweat patterns from the sheepskin looked concentrated towards his shoulder, so I'm pretty sure it was making the fit a little too tight there. I rode in the ThinLine for the first time today and noticed the sweat pattern was more evenly distributed.

I do know another rider at my barn whose horse has a very sensitive back and she always rides with a thick sheepskin pad for that reason. But she also had her saddle sized/fitted with the intention of putting that pad in there.

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