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EvilHorseOfDoom 09-29-2012 07:55 AM

Just...hooray! Good boy, Brock!
Ok, so I went and showed Brock to some potential lessees today. I haven't ridden him in a few months due to saddle fit (should I say fat? lol) issues that have now been resolved thanks to his strict diet. Aside from the occasional ride on Star (all pretty "exciting" as she'd just come off 6 mths break and was very full of beans) I hadn't ridden much for months either and was a little nervous. To top it off the wind was blowing a gale and I could barely walk in it. So plenty was going against us.

Considering the circumstances Brock was great - sooo sensitive to the leg, walked and trotted calmly, did some nice circles for me and was not at all tense or stroppy. He got a bit wussy about a cone for a second but I asked him to trot past and he did without complaint. He even wanted to do more trotting (yes, my lazy horse wanted to trot...) but it was time for the two viewers to have a try.

One seemed fairly nervous with him (he does look very big on the ground due to the fact his neck ties in quite high) but the other loved him to bits and got him going in a nice relaxed frame and starting to engage his back end. Not sure either will lease him but I was delighted that, with very little preparation and with the elements playing havoc, he was settled and enthusiastic.

Anyway, just wanted to share (and now I *really* don't want to lose him, nooooo!!). Good boy, Brock!
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