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gamingirl22 09-29-2012 09:54 PM

Cannot save these poor horses....
I called the Humane League about some horses that are really skinny in Lampeter, Pennsylvania, and she tried to get pictures but the owner of the barn yelled at her for trespassing. Then I got some pictures and gave them to the Humane League and they said they couldn't get a warrant because the horses were 'borderline' of neglect. Now, the Humane League officer can't get anymore pictures of the horses because since it is now fall there won't be as much grass as the spring, so the horses will look worse, but she can't get close enough to get a picture. What should I do?? There is a poor Appaloosa stallion who has never been out of his stall for 3 YEARS!! His hooves are super long and the owner only cleans out his stall once a week. There is a huge pile of manure in the corner of his stall and he can barely stand because his hooves are horribly long. She has so many skinny animals (dogs, cats, chickens, and horses) She also has 2 miniatures that can barely turn around in their 'stall.' She also just 'rescued' a Thoroughbred gelding about two months ago, and he has been locked in a stall ever since he arrived. Her horses are so hungry and I don't know what to do!!!

EthanQ 09-29-2012 09:59 PM

If it were me, I would keep calling and reporting, to ANY animal rescue/welfare organization in your area/state.

Spotted 09-29-2012 09:59 PM

That doesn't make sense that the humane society cannot go and investigate. When someone makes a complain, they go their, knock on the door and go and see the condition of the animals. Something is not right ??

stevenson 09-30-2012 01:46 AM

is there something like a code commission, that if your property is full of junk, poop,etc they can condemn the property ?

Speed Racer 09-30-2012 09:09 AM

What is the Humane League? Sounds like a made up name by someone playing at rescue.

If you're truly concerned, stop messing around with a private individual with no power, and call Animal Control. They're legally allowed to enter a property and assess the animals and conditions.

peppersgirl 09-30-2012 03:32 PM

Assuming they have an animal control...sometimes small counties dont have the funding for an animal control, so you have to rely on the sherriffs office...which sometimes can be pretty stinking fruitless.. or the situation has to get soo bad..

first of all TRESPASSING and then snapping photos will get you no where as the photos wont be useable evidence. If you want to get anything done, it has to be done legally. If you can see/ snap photos of the horses while off property thats great! Im assuming that because you have so much knowlege about ages of horses and the conditions of there stalls that you have permission to be on the property?? If so DESCRETLY take photos/video with your phone.

I would continue to call in complaints against these people, and even your states ASPCA, email photos you were legally able to get...just keep harassing thse agencies..

Saddlebag 09-30-2012 05:32 PM

See if you can convince a newspaper photographer to take pics off property. They usually have quite an arsenal of cameras and telephoto lenses. If the horses are bad enough the paper might do a story.

Northernstar 09-30-2012 05:58 PM

So awesome of you, gaminggirl, to be concerned - I don't know where your region is, but in my State and County, those horses would be removed immediately after a vet came with the Animal Control, and the owner would be fined and/or jailed!!!!! I've seen it happen with my own two eyes - big story on our local news all last year - the neglect was uber bad! 2 horses starved and stuck to the snowy ground had to be euthanized, Horse North Rescue recovered the other 5, (I spent a day helping groom and brought new supplies for 3, and never saw such starving animals) and all are healthy again, placed with new caring horse people. The owner? She was found guilty, fined, jailed, (don't know if she's out or not by now) and everything broadcast all along on the news.... Bet she wishes she cared for her horses by now! A neighbor called Animal Control making herself "the squeaky wheel who gets the grease" and it worked!! I hope you can be the "sqeaky wheel" in this case, and call until they can't stand it anymore - no excuses for those horses not to be removed immediately!!! Don't accept their excuses and promise you go as high up the ladder until something is done. Tell them you're going to write to the "speak out" column in your local paper as well. That'll get them moving. The very, very best of luck in this! Sorry for the novel, but I helped with 3 horses who were barely alive and have zero tolerance for animal abusers.

Inga 09-30-2012 06:02 PM

I am confused. Is this a boarding facility or a private farm? How do you know about the horse that has been standing in a stall for 3 years? How did you find out about the skinny horses?

Do you have a view of at least some of the horses from off the property that a large telephoto lens might be able to help with?

feistymomma 10-04-2012 01:14 PM

If you have real concern, call the local sheriff's office. They will have to respond and get a hold of the local animal control/humane society.

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