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Horse_Chick 08-25-2008 11:32 PM

Rubbed mane and chest

I have a mare that has rubbed her mane out and the rug has rubbed her chest.
Do yous know of anything that could speed up the growth???
Or help it??
Any tips for the rubbed chest becides putting on a bib??

Another problem is that i live in Australia and i dont think i can get MTG here or shipped over.
Is there something else that si just as good???

Any tip would be great.

whitetrashwarmblood 08-26-2008 12:02 AM

i have no idea if this works, since i've never tried it.
but a girl who used to show and breed qhs once told me to put bacon grease on the spots where you want the hair to grow back.
she said it helped a lot.
when my mare got her tail chewed off all the way up to her hocks
i used mane & tail detangler stuff that sprayed on everyday and braided what remained of her tail then put it in a tail bag (which she usually got off as soon as i wasn't looking :roll: ) but it worked
i started this during early winter and her tail grew back to the ground by spring :D

WSArabians 08-26-2008 12:16 AM

You can't get MTG over there?
I would suggest going to a tack shop and asking what they suggest, or your vet.

As for prevent rubs, if you don't want to use a bib, either take the blanket off, or get one that fits properly or it'll continue to be a problem.

TrueColours 04-26-2009 01:04 PM

Look into the Bossys Bibs.

The manufacturer is in the UK and I know they ship all over the world - Australia included

Good luck! :)

AES 04-28-2009 01:51 AM

This happened to a couple of mine over the winter. I combined 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 cup olive oil (or similar oil) and approx a tbsp tea tree oil, in a spray bottle. Shake well, spray on the rubbed spots, and massage in.
I did this once every day or two, and within a month all the hair was grown back on the chest, and the mane had started filling back in. :D

weefoal 04-28-2009 06:48 AM

I have always said that MTG smells like bacon grease. Someone told me the other day that that is what is in MTG. I kinda think its true because that smell is overpowering!

I know most of mine rub like that to get their winter coat off. I had a show horse doing it so I body clipped her yesterday and she immediately stopped rubbing. It usually heals up pretty fast once you get the hair off

Ahsisi 04-28-2009 09:39 AM

Wash the area with a light shampoo and then let dry. Then use Vitamin E capsules (pierce them with a safety pin and then squeeze onto rubbed spot and massage in). Do this every day. Good luck!

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