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OliviaMyee 10-01-2012 07:40 AM

Judge my Jumping (pics and videos)
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Hi every one,

I would just like to say i am VERY excited to come back to this forum :-P, i
was on another horse forum and made a bad first post so i was always being poked and prodded because people knew how to push my buttons (and people had **** to hang over my head) and plus there was just so much fighting and misunderstandings, and i am sick of it because i mostly only associate love and fun with horses and that forum was not LOVE or fun ! I really liked this forum when i was on it and i hardly was on it at all during the start. So here are my pictures of Jumping Slip today, and he is getting much better and has started to stop over jumping as much and gain more confidence, and so am I.

Just some information on our Jumping:
. Slip's weakest points are Show jumping and he is not that experienced in Show Jumping and used to colourful competition jumps but he is taken out to competitions for Dressage, Cross country and Show jumping
. I dont compete on Slip but i mostly ride him
. He is better at Cross Country so he looses confidence on the tight turns in Show jumping and the colours scare him
. We have been taking Slip to a full size indoor arena, and have had lessons with a very good instructor over competition looking Jumps and will be going again this Wednesday.
. I have a hard time some times siting and moving with Slip when he over jumps and it causes me to become nervous and tense when i don't know how he will jump some thing.
. I have been trying to keep my leg on the girth and move with his motion over the jump
. I have been trying to make him have more impulsion to go over the jump
. I tried to sit up straight before the jump and in general when riding

We were doing 3 and 4 hole in the line but looking much better than before !

PS .I really like the horsey people on here and it has a nice vibe :-)

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