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NBEventer 10-01-2012 11:48 AM

SI and Hip injury
Earlier this summer I decided it would be fun to take a flying lesson over my horses head. Twice. The first fall wasn't bad. However the second one has me in a serious mess.

We landed from a jump and I caught her with my spur and she let out a huge "piss off" buck which caught me off guard. I went up and over and landed on my rear end more on my hip, on a rock. When I landed I instantly knew I was hurt. I got up to walk and something "popped" and I couldn't move my leg. So I quickly found myself in the back of an ambulance off to the hospital for fear of back injury.

They x-rayed and concluded that when I landed I dislocated my SI(sacroilia) and when I went to walk it popped back in, which is why my leg locked up on me. So I was handed a pair of crutches and a kick out the door to be told I will be starting physio.

Physio went really well and I progressed quickly and we thought I was better and I went to ride again only to find myself back to square one. Only this time, the pain is isolated to my hip joint. And both my physio and I are stumped. Now the entire time there was a pain going on that I couldn't pin point. It was just "there" and as everything else was healing this one pain isolated itself and it seems to be the hip joint.

I can't get in to my doctor until the beginning of November. I've tried and its just not happening. I am in so much pain though I feel sick constantly. I have done A LOT of trauma to my hip in previous years so I almost wonder if its making this all the worse? I never had my previous hip injuries attended to by a doctor. They did xrays when I took this flying lesson. If there was anything wouldn't it have shown in the xrays? And why is it hurting so much worse now? I can't sit without my leg going numb and when I try to move its shooting pains. I can kind of bear weight on it but it started to hurt after walking a bit. My physio doesn't want me to do any exercise until we figure out just exactly what is going on.

But what do I do for the next month? Should I maybe waddle my way to emerg and explain things? Or just sit on my behind and wait until November when I can see my doctor?

And anyone care to venture a guess as to what exactlly is going on? Why is it coming at me so much worse now months later? I am really sick of this, litterally. I haven't been able to eat without wanting to vomit for the last week because of the constant pain.

waresbear 10-01-2012 01:11 PM

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At least go to a doctor in the meantime & get some wicked pain killers.
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NBEventer 10-01-2012 01:26 PM

Yea pain killers would be nice lol

elleng0728 10-01-2012 01:31 PM

Try 800 mg ibuprofen for 2 weeks. Take it as 400mg 2x a day to get the inflamation down. Can you get into see an Osteopath? They did wonders for me. Good luck.

NBEventer 10-01-2012 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by elleng0728 (Post 1703166)
Try 800 mg ibuprofen for 2 weeks. Take it as 400mg 2x a day to get the inflamation down. Can you get into see an Osteopath? They did wonders for me. Good luck.

I've been doing Naproxen, which is stronger then advil and doing ice and heat as well as my tens machine and have had no success *sigh* I still see my physio and she does what she can as well.

To get in and see any sort of specialist here you need a refferal. So its a matter of plowing through the red tape. I just called my doctors office and found out he is doing the after hours clinic next week. So I just need to hold out until then I guess. This whole thing has been angering me. Things were not done the way they were supposed to be at all. So until then I guess I shall sit tight.

tinyliny 10-01-2012 01:42 PM

You cannot see your doctor for over a month? What kind of doctor is that? get a differnet doctor. For something like this, you should be seen sooner. It might be nerve related, and the more the nerve is irritated, the longer it will take to heal.

Try hard not to irritate it and look to see a doctor sooner, maybe a nuerologist..

NBEventer 10-01-2012 02:04 PM

Sadly I live in the world of public health care. We have a huge doctor shortage in our area and there is a waiting list of thousands looking for a family doctor. So I am lucky to have one at all. It sucks but thats public health in a small area :-(

livelovelaughride 10-03-2012 12:41 AM

Do you know if the ligaments have been affected at the SI. Do you have problem standing on one leg, does the hip drop down on the leg you are lifting? Possibly very weak glute medius (abductor muscles). These turn off while we are riding as the adductors are continually firing. Possiby the SI laxity made the GM destabilize the hips? Is there a good athletic therapist you know can take a look?

NBEventer 10-04-2012 12:54 PM

Okay first off. I want to correct something. I seperated my SI. Brain fry moment on my behalf.

I ended up sucking it up and going to the ER last night because I couldn't take it anymore.

I have a freakin kidney infection. WTH? I was surprised as heck that a kidney infection is making things this brutal for me.

The doctor went over the accident reports and got some new xrays and said that its just a lot of soft tissue damage I have done. I did pull my groin pretty bad, I have a lot of deep bruising and then the SI injury and the trauma to my hip. I also have bursitis in my hip. He went on to explain it in more detail but by that point I was so tired and looped from pain meds it didn't all sink in and I am sure I missed some details.

I am continuing with physio therapy, I am going to get into some aqua fit classes to start doing some low impact exercises. Continue to take Naproxen for swelling and the anti biotics for my kidney infection.

So yea. Good news in the end. He did say I am looking at a good 6 - 8 months before I recover and it may never be a full recovery.

livelovelaughride 10-06-2012 12:47 AM

oh dear, sorry to hear that. There is hope to help stabilize your si though, and you might want to look into prolotherapy at some point down the road. That is where a mild dextrose solution is injected into the supporting ligaments/connective tissue under fluoroscope or ultrasound (for accuracy) and it helps to add stability to the joint by creating fibrotic connective tissue network, thickening the original support structure. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.

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