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bubbledreamer 04-01-2007 08:49 AM

Really stuck!!
I have just retired my little pony as he is too old to be ridden. I have taken on my mums 14.2 mw cob as she has no time for him. I really really enjoy jumping however he dosent. He is only 7 and has been broken 2years. He loves going out on hacks and is soo forward going, however when it comes to school work hes soo slow, i really want to get him into jumping but he almost walks over the poles. Do you think he is just a hacker or could enjoy jumping? Please help???


xSWeeTSx 04-01-2007 05:59 PM

Well, aswell as he doesn't go wild, just more energetic outside the ring, and you have w/t/c on the trail just fine, you could simply move the poles outside the ring,school him out on the trail, also, he might just be bored. Do different things with him.

xmxixcxax 04-02-2007 01:04 PM

umm i agree with xSWeeTSx,also i think because he was brocken slighty later then normal it could have something to do with.but i guess maybe its just not his know just like people we all like and prefer different things.also he might not like being confined up,how is he in a stable?
or maybe he just doesnt understand it aall.i guess i would just say break him in slowly to working in a skool and over jumps.maybe try loose schooling him over jumps and really praising him when he jumps by giing him a treat like a mint.just build his confidence up and then you might find him more willing to jump.
also do you have any friends that ride..maybe you could get to gether and get him to follow another horse over a jump till he gets it..
well i hope this help.let me know how it goes.

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