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BubblesBlue 10-01-2012 06:19 PM

It's a curse to have knowledge
It is a curse to have knowledge of horses because when you see someone doing something wrong, you have the strongest urge to correct them.
I live out in the country so let's face it, training isn't as advanced as it is in other places. I also go to rodeos and some of the worst practices take place there.
Many times it makes me want to toss the people off of the horse and teach them how to really ride.

What I really wish for is people who weren't stubborn in their ways so that they would actually learn somethings and actually advance in riding.

I'm sorry if I come off to you guys as standoff-ish or on a high horse. I just wanted to vent my feelings and see if anyone else shares my outlook.

equiniphile 10-01-2012 06:23 PM

It gets to all of us. Someone on a Facebook tack swap recently posted that they were looking for a miniature on the small end of the spectrum for their son to ride. I politely told them that miniatures should not be ridden and gave them a few links as to why this is and what their limits are. I suggested a Shetland or other small pony. What did I get? Several downright rude messages and a post threatening to kick me out of the tack swap group. :?

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