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skyhorse1999 10-01-2012 06:48 PM

Blue fog
The blue fog settled around the house, wrapping it like a blanket. There was a rustle behind me, starting quiet then growing louder. I turned my head but saw nothing through the thick tinted mist, nothing but nothing. I felt a jolt of fear run down my spine as I realized I was utterly alone. I looked back at Scarlett’s house. I took in a deep breath that I couldn’t seem to get enough of, the fog was suffocating me. I heard her scream, Scarlett’s coming fron the house. I couldn’t go back. I turned and ran toward the woods. The rustling grew louder as I ran through the trees. I thought of nothing except the one word, run, that cild get me out of hear. I heard a strange noise, a cry cut off by a gurgling. I realized the bottom oof my legs were soaked; I had made it o the swamp. I felt a crunch beneath me feet and looked down. I couldn’t see anything but a strage white figure just below the surface.

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